16 January 2014

MeMeMe - Long Wear Satin Lip Cream "Morello Silk"

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to start going through the first of my product reviews for this weeks brand of the week - MeMeMe Cosmetics. 

Todays product is:  

MeMeMe Thalia Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in the shade Morello Silk.

First Impressions:

This product appeared very moisturizing when I initially applied a swatch to the back of my hand. What drew me to this colour is the fact that berry shades are very popular at the moment and I currently do not own any with this much depth in my current lip collection. The packaging was very attractive and appealing and with a price tag of a mere €10.50 I felt it was quite a bargain.


The packaging for the entire range is quite beautiful. Sleek and refined in design, I almost feel as if I have made a high end purchase (which generally gives a beauty geek like me a strange satisfaction).

This lipcream in particular came packaged within a cute lipstick box. This outer package is embellished with the name Thalia, the Goddess from whom they drew inspiration for the product. 

From what I can tell it would appear that they are intending (or at least I hope they are) to release shades of lipcreams inspired by each goddess. The reason for this I believe to be the fact that the lipcream has also been given a shade name of "Morello Silk".

The lipcream tube itself is beautifully finished and quite similar to that in texture of a MAC lipstick with is soft sleek black design.


Packaging view, hand swatch and application of the shade "Morello Silk"

The lipcream itself is a beautiful deep berry colour and packs a lot of pigment. What I immediately noticed about this lipstick on application is how nourishing and moisturising it felt.

As a personal preference, I generally don't apply a lot of colour to my lips unless I am doing a bold statment / going out look. On a day to day basis I would generally apply a flush of colour to my lips. I have however tried this lipcream directly and as a "tint" to my lips.

Applied directly: Very moisturising with a beautiful sheer finish. After application, I patted my lips to mattify and continued my normal daily routine. During the time I wore the lipstick I consumed food and beverages. I found that while it looked like a lot of the pigment was coming off on my cup, it did not affect or fade the lipcream. When the lipstick did eventually fade, it faded nice and evenly and not blotchy like other lipcreams I have used in the past. It also tinted my lips slightly. I wore this lipcream for approximatley 2 - 3 hours before needing to touch up.

Light Application: I applied a light application of this lipcream by which I mean I very lightly stained my lips and applied a balm on top. It looked beautiful and gave my lips a lovely moisturised subtle hint of colour. Again, I continued about my daily routine. During this time I consumed food and beverages and noticed very little fade. Again I was able to get approximately 3 hours of noticeable wear out of the lipcream before having to reapply.

Application tips:

1. Wear a lip liner if you are intending to wear this product. These lipcreams are very moisturing and it is very easy to forget that you are putting on something so highly pigmented. Wearing a lip liner will ensure an even and precise application which won't feather.

2. Make sure your lips are moisturised and not dry before application. Due to the rather dark shade of the lipcream, it will cling to dry patches on your lips and look very blotchy.

3. Apply with a brush for an even and buildable application. 

Similar to:

Urban Decays Moisturising Lipstick and Crayon range. 

Price Range:


Final Verdict:

I really love this lipstick. While it is not a colour I would wear on a daily basis I am excited about adding it to my collection. I would have no hesitation in purchasing other more wearable shades like those I have linked for you below. The quality of the product is excellent and while it doesn't quite stand up to the promise of "Long Wear" like other high end lip products I have used in the past, it is definatley not a product you will be ashamed of pulling out of your purse for a quick touch up. 

At €10.50 MeMeMe's Long Wear Satin Lip Cream range is a bargain beauty must have for your collection. 

Check out MeMeMe Cosmetics online for the full beautiful shade range

Amy x

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