20 March 2014

Why is the #nomakeupselfie so important?

When I first seen the #nomakeupselfie in aid of #cancerawareness I have to admit - I really didn't understand it.

How can a no makeup selfie help spread awareness?

Well I've sat here thinking about it - thinking about the ones I've loved and lost and the ones I never had a chance to meet because they were taken too soon - all from cancer.

So tonight I made a donation in memory of my Grandad (who was taken from us in 1998) to the Irish Cancer Society. I wanted to make the donation in his name because I felt when you really break it down - yes it is predominately women that will be taking part in the no makeup selfie but there is one thing that cancer suffers past and present share in common male and female .. And that is vulnerability.

So I finally understand "why" the no makeup selfie can raise awareness - it shows women at their most vulnerable. Studies have proven that women feel less attractive, less confident and more vulnerable bare faced. It's awful that I can say I almost feel a sense of "shame" if I leave my house with no makeup on. I feel like I don't have control over my confidence and when this is compared to studies done on the vulnerability of men - we can see the same thing. If a man doesn't feel like he is in control - he feels ashamed - vulnerable.

I cannot stress how important it is to get checked regularly and not feel ashamed to see a doctor if you are concerned. Vulnerability is what makes us human - it's being afraid of contemplating the feeling of not being in control.

So as you sit and strip back your makeup remember, we're all the same underneath it all. We all at some stage in our lives have feelings of fear, regret - shame ....

We all have similar hopes and similar dreams - what matters is what you can achieve with the time you have to do them. Never stop dreaming and never forget those who lost the fight and continue to battle.

You can donate to the Irish Cancer Society by text or online to help raise funds and awareness for this worthy cause.

Until next time, embrace your beautiful.

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