14 April 2014

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush Cheek & Lip Tint

"These are our best selling hero products and are ideal for adding a flush of long lasting colour to you cheeks and lips no matter what occasion or skin tone! Both tints are concentrated to enhance and define."
- MeMeMe Website (April 2014)

First Impressions:
This was one of the first products I ever used by MeMeMe. I was instantly drawn to the beautifully ornate packaging.

I do admit that when I first opened the product it did take me a while to get used to the strong rose smell.

I was also a bit put off at first by the applicator. I tried applying with my fingers but again was put off this method of application as the product stained quite a bit.

The Packaging:
The product comes packaged in a beautiful glass bottle similar to that of a nail polish. The applicator brush inside the lid is also similar to a nail polish brush.

The Product:
The product is a light watery consistency with beautiful deep red and plum tones. The watery consistency definitely helps the product blend out evenly particularly on the lips.
Left = Cherubs Tint Direct from Bottle       Right= Cherubs Blush when wiped away

While the rose scent did take a while to get used to I have to say it became one of my favourite aspects of this product after time. 

The product is easily buildable too - opting for one or two coats will give you a soft natural lip which I would then generally apply a balm over. Applying three or more coats builds a beautiful deep red (yet still natural) lip. However, be careful with the blending as sometimes the product can settle in fine lines and contours of your lips if you apply too heavily.
Top: One Coat       Middle: Two Coats       Bottom: Three Coats

As for the cheeks, I had trouble for a while trying to find an effective way of application. In the end, I discovered pouring a very small amount of the product into a container and using a damp cosmetic sponge gave the best application for me.

Application Tips:
Use the brush applicator to dab a few dots of the product on your lips and pout to blend. 
Apply freely until the desired shade is reached. 
Apply a conditioning balm to help the colour blend and soften.

Pour a small amount of the product into a container (a little goes a long way).
Using a cosmetic sponge (preferably a round tipped one that you intend to use solely for this product) absorb some of the product onto the end of your sponge and gently pat onto your cheeks until the desired shade is achieved. 
Pour any remaining product back into the bottle. 

€6.99 for 12ml

Final Verdict:
While I can see how some people would be nervous about using the product - it has quickly become one of my go to products in my makeup collection.

Once you are comfortable with application you will be using this product day in day out. It's long lasting formula makes it ideal for any situation. I love wearing tints when I'm planning on going walking or doing something where I know I can't bring my makeup along. What I love most about this product is that it gives your lips a beautiful natural looking transfer proof flush of colour.

This product pairs perfectly with MeMeMe's Light Me Up Lipgloss in the shade Shimmer.

A beauty must have.

MeMeMe's Cheek and Lip Tints are available in two shades - Cherubs Blush & Cupids Kiss

You can find a detailed list of retailers in Ireland by visiting MeMeMe Cosmetics Ireland on Facebook.

Amy x

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