14 April 2014

MeMeMe Light Me Up Lipgloss - Shimmer

"High shine lip colour complete with a mirror on the side and ingenious light up lip applicator for easy on the go application - Perfect for lips that love the spotlight! Contains plumping agents for volume and has high-moisturising properties to help smooth lip contours."
- MeMeMe Website April 2014
MeMeMe's Light Me Up Lipgloss - No.8 Shimmer

First impressions:
I've never been crazy into lipglosses. 

The tackiness, the never-ending war with flyaway hairs! It's just all too stressful! My simple solution - don't wear lipgloss! Then I discovered Light Me Up!

I like to pride this blog on providing people with honest reviews and experiences. So I am not afraid to admit that when I first received this lipgloss I though to myself - great! ANOTHER lipgloss I will NEVER use. I would like to retract that statement I made to myself at this time. 

I didn't even open the gloss on the first day - although I do admit I was transfixed by the fact that it has a handy little mirror on the side of the package. 

When I decided to swatch the gloss - I didn't find it too dissimilar to any other lipgloss I have ever used apart from the fact that it has a LIGHT UP LID! Yes - the lid of this gloss glows allowing you to apply in any situation where you find yourself battling with makeup touch ups and dim light!

Another point I noted on first use of the gloss - when applied it did not have the same gooey thick consistency similar to 90% of the lipglosses I have ever used from both budget and high street brands!! On the contrary it was very lightweight and sheer when applied. In addition, peppermint plumping agents have always been something I would stay away from in liglosses - but the peppermint in this gloss is so subtle.

The Packaging:

The gloss is gorgeously presented in a hard plastic rectangular lip gloss tube. 

There is a gorgeous handy little mirror on one side of the gloss tube - the perfect size for topping up your gloss on the go.

As you open the gloss the applicator appears to be pressurised and reveals a light concealed within the lid.

The Product:
I rarely rave about a lip gloss, but this one is just beautiful. 

As I mentioned already - it has a very sheer consistency when applied yet surprisingly is quite pigmented as far as lipglosses go. 

It's not too heavy on the gloss making it a wearable quick touch up or flush of colour for any girl on the go.

There is a slight peppermint tingle off the gloss but nothing near as uncomfortable as other lip plumping glosses I have used in the past.

Application Tips:
Apply on it's own or over your favourite lipstick. I like to pair this gloss with MeMeMe's Thalia Morello Silk Lipstick.

Similar to:
This gloss is one to watch for on the market :)

€8.99 for 6ml

Final Verdict:
Overall, I loved this gloss. I have used it almost everyday since first applying it! 

It's perfect over lipstick and pigmented enough to wear on it's own.The formula is beautiful, lightweight and non-tacky with a touch of shimmer. There is also a beautiful variety of colours available in the range.

The added bonus of the mirror and light up applicator wand make this the perfect handbag accessory for every girl on the go. 

MeMeMe's Light Me Up Lipgloss is available in seven shades.

You can find a detailed list of retailers in Ireland by visiting MeMeMe Cosmetics Ireland on Facebook.

Amy x

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