21 May 2014

Review | Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case

I've been looking for a compact makeup case I can carry around easily in my purse for a while now. 

A few weeks ago I was browsing the Debenhams website - and I noticed that they had some pretty impressive sales on cosmetics. It was a tough decision for me to try and choose between Urban Decay's new Electric Pallet or one of their Face Cases!

The Anarchy and Shattered Face cases were released late last year and they had been something on my wish list purely because they offer everything you would need for makeup application on the go.

This review covers the Anarchy Face Case. For a video tutorial you can check out my Anarchy Face Case Tutorial on my Youtube Channel here:

First Impressions:
The case was a lot smaller than expected considering it has so much in it.

The front of the case is beautifully designed with mirrored floral patterns making it quite a chic and elegant looking pallet for on the go. 

On opening, I was thrilled with the simplicity of the case. Everything is compact and easily accessible.

The Packaging:
The case came packaged in a cardboard outer case. The outer case was simple. The back of the case  had names of the five shades available in the case, as well as shade details for the lipstick, eyeliner and blushes. 

The inner case is made from hard plastic much like many other Urban Decay palettes. It comprises of two compartments.

The first compartment contains five eyeshadow shades - Redemption / Fray / Vaporize / Provocateur / Revolt. It also has two sections for your liner which you can change at will - but the case does come with Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner in Perversion. The other section holds one of Urban Decay's Super Saturated Lip Colour - and this case comes with the shade Scandal. 

The second compartment under this contains two beautiful blushes and a highlighter shade - Fetish / Quickie / Craze.

The product:

Starting with the first compartment - the shadow are beautifully pigmented - although there can be quite a lot of fallout especially with the darker shades. 

There is something beautifully luminescent about all of Urban Decay's shadow but these in particular offer the perfect selection for natural daytime look which can be easily darkened on the go for a sultry evening glow. 

The blushes in the second compartment are incredibly pigmented so a little goes a long way. My personal favourite has to be Fetish but I also enjoy mixing the two shades together to achieve a more natural flush of colour. 

The highlighter in this pallet is perfection as it doesn't have too much shimmer in it like other highlighters I have used in the past. It gives the skin a beautiful radiance without over-doing it. 

Application Tips:
Check out my Video Tutorial in the link above :)

For a subtle daytime look:
1. Apply a base to your lid.
2. Sweep Vaporize (Peach toned shadow) all over your lid up to your brow.
3. Fold a tissue and hold it against your face under your lower lashes - this will catch fallout.
4. Apply Provocateur (shimmery pink) all over your lid.
5. Apply Revolt (shimmery silver) to the centre of your lid.
6. Sweep Fray lightly into your crease.
7. Apply Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner in Perversion to your upper and lower waterline and apply a thin line to the other corner of your top lid. 
8. Smudge out the liner on your lid and apply a few generous coats of mascara.
9. Apply Fetish from the second compartment blushes to your cheeks.
10. Highlight your cheek bones and the high points of your face for a fresh dewy look.
11. Apply a light flush of colour to your lips with Urban Decay's Super Saturated Lip Colour in the shade Scandal.

Switch it up for evening:
1. Add the gunmetal shade redemption to the look by darkening your crease and blending it deep into your orbital socket.
2. Add a bit more definition with some winged liner.
3.. Add a deeper application of Scandal to your lips.

€38 - Debenhams.ie

Final Verdict:
Overall I love this case! It's so refreshing to finally have a compact from a higher end brand which offers  a great selection in one case.

The only con for me is that unlike the other Urban Decay palettes the name's of the shadows are not printed inside the case - so once you get rid of the outer sleeve - it's pretty hard to remember what colour the shades were.

Two things I would love to see develop from this would be a case which has more customisable options. It would be great if they offered interchangeable eyeshadows and blushes without too much of a price change and would certainly make the case appear more appealing.

A Naked version of this case would also be a great addition to an already amazing collection by Urban Decay.

Amy x

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