17 June 2014

Hair Troubles? Maintaining My Red Hair.

I have a few post coming soon about my new hair colour which I am in LOVE with! Today however I just want to give a little update as to how I am getting on maintaining my "new" hair.

My hair two days after colouring.

I made the decision two weeks ago to dye my hair red using Schwartzkopf's Live Colour XXL HD Lumninance in the shade L38 Fiery Red.

I will admit I really didn't research much about red hair or red hair maintainance but I can safely say this colour has turned me into a nervous wreck. 

I find myself checking every single day to see if the colour has faded and up until yesterday I really hadn't noticed much difference. 

However, as I was brushing my hair last night I began noticing flecks of browny blonde showing through. 


So here are a few fundamental flaws I feel I may have made while and since dying my hair:

1. I used ONE BOX instead of two to dye my long thick hair! (I know ....)
2. I dyed it a second time in the same night pretty much straight after drying and styling it.
3. HEATED HAIR TOOLS - I have straightened curled and de-frazzled my hair at least every second day.
4. I used normal Herbal Essences Shampoo (which is FULL of sulphates) on my COLOURED hair .. (how many of you hate me at this point?)

As a result - it would appear some of the colour has been stripped from my hair. 

The image above shows the difference between my colour the day after I coloured it first (on the left) and one the right my colour as of yesterday evening ( I was losing natural light when I took that photo).Both pictures were taken with natural light and no filters.

I was fully aware when I dyed it that red hair is very difficult to maintain but I am determined to research the best hair care products I can. 

If anyone has any tips of advice for me they would be greatly appreciated :)

Check back next week for my next update as I continue on my red hair adventures!! :D 

Amy x

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  1. Well I'm no expert having never dyed my hair (bar that one time when I tried to die my ends red and blonde and it didn't take :D) but step away from heat tools and John Frieda has a line for coloured hair (and I think it has product set for redheads in there) and their normal products are sensational. Their frizzease conditioner is some of the best I had ever tried and we're comparing it to fancy pants French brands. It would probably be worth a try?