30 July 2014

Amy Doodles - The Kid in Me

I have FINALLY started sketching again thanks to an amazing app I found for the iPad!! 

I know - I know ... how lazy is it to draw on an app - but GUYS! It the cleanest, easiest way to draw! No searching for sketching pencils, no hours upon hours of covering line work, no paint smushed everywhere, no incorrect colour mixing! 


I haven't used anything like this since my time studying Animation in college (yes - it is basically just Photoshop for Dummies) but being honest here - I am enjoying just being able to pick up my iPad and doodle to my hearts content! :)

Todays doodle is a representation of me x 

Would you like to see a "Doodles of the Week" post? 
Let me know in the comments below <3

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