24 July 2014

My Hair Story

How my hair has changed 2005 - Present

For as long as I can remember I wanted a head full of lustrous red hair (not too dissimilar to that of Ariel from The Little Mermaid)

As I went through my secondary school years I watched as my friends all changed their hair colours - brunettes suddenly became blondes, blondes became pinks etc. but I was never brave enough to  jump on the proverbial bandwagon and just go for it!

I remember when I was about fourteen or fifteen the movie Josie and The Pussycats came out and I was hooked again on the idea of having my hair coloured.

I was in LOVE with Rachel Leigh Cooks hair in that movie and I mean in LOVE! I wanted to BE Josie and it was around that time that I plucked up the courage and asked my Mam if I could have my hair done for my birthday just like Josie wore it in the movie. 

Off I went the next week to the salon excited about how my "new hair" would turn out. I've always been more of a "long haired" fan but I was determined this was going to be a new me and opted to even go for the style Leigh-Cook wore in the movie - a short, flicked out fiery red bouffant of awesomeness!

As I arrived at the hairdressers I was so excited, my arms filled with pictures of my heroines hair! I showed the stylist my idea and everything seemed to be above board - that was ... until I sat in the chair!

They began with my cut - I should probably mention at this stage that I have only ever had bad experience with hairdressers! They cut my hair into a BOB .. not into the beautiful textured feathery short cut that I had envisioned. I will admit I was alone and too afraid to correct them as the hairdresser kept on saying "Oh it will be fine - her style wouldn't suit you! This looks better"

Then began the colouring process .... I had told them I wanted ALL of my hair that beautiful fiery red! "No!" I was immediately told. You're hair is too nice" It always amused me that the people advising me against colouring always had the most unique and strange colours through their own hair! 

Anyway - I'm getting off topic again - so not only had I NOT gotten the beautiful cut I wanted - now I was being told that they wouldn't colour my hair the way I wanted it coloured. 

So that day instead of leaving the hair salon with beautiful fiery red feathered textured hair - I left with a hat on! What they did to my hair was nothing short of disastrous!! The stylist decided to give me "streaks" of colour which I had expressly indicated I did NOT want!! I had a bold 2 inch streak of bright red, followed by a bold 2 inch streak of copper and so on the whole way around my head!!! It was awful!! I never hated my hair so much in my life!!

After that experience I never dyed my hair again until June of 2013. Again - I opted to go to a salon and this time I had indicated an interest in lightening my chestnut brown hair to more of a honey blonde. Again I had a consultation with the stylist and she was all for everything I wanted done - UNTIL I SAT IN THAT CHAIR! Suddenly she was telling me that my hair would look better with highlights and when I replied with "I don't want highlights" I was met with a complex description about how they weren't exactly highlights but they were? I had been anticipating getting my hair done so much that I just decided to trust her and let her go for it. 

What did I come out with?
Yep. Highlights.

Now I do have to say I wasn't too unhappy with it! It wasn't the bold striped mess I had all those years before but again I had completely been put off hair salons!

So by January of 2014 I had begun to do the unspeakable ... cut and style my own hair.

I will say that I DO NOT under ANY circumstances recommend that you do something like this unless you are completely 100% confident that you can do it correctly. I know it's something I shouldn't do on my own - but I personally have had so many issues with hair salons that I can't bear going to them - not to mention the cost!! I spent €150 for my highlights I didn't want - but that's what they gave me regardless of my consultation being completely different. This is just my experience. I am always so envious of people who have amazing hair stylists on hand and if you are in that position by all means continue going and getting those tresses tamed on a regular basis.

Again - off topic! Keep it together Amy! 

Okay back to the hair story! So come February of this year I wanted to dye my hair again. My husband offered to treat me to a salon day to get it done, but I knew it would just be another situation where I would come out again unhappy.

So I ventured to Boots to attempt my FIRST EVER permanent bottled hair colour. I opted for the L'oreal Sublime Mousse to start me off. Terrible idea! My hair barely took the colour and felt awful and wiry afterwards.

I tried to keep composure and assure myself that it was just not the right one for me.

Next I tried L'Oreal Preference in the shade Florida - utter perfection!! I LOVED this hair colour! My hair was soft, supple and sported a beautiful honey blonde shine for weeks!

As my roots grew through over the coming weeks I was so sure that I would just go ahead and pick up another blonde colour and I probably would have but my dream has ALWAYS been to get that beautiful bright red fiery hair colour. Every time I went to pick up the colour to do my roots I found myself looking at the red colours telling myself all the reasons why I SHOULDN'T dye my hair red! I spent HOURS googling "horror stories" about at home colouring gone wrong. I read countless forums by people complaining about how hard it was to get their natural hair back - but none of this deterred me - it just postponed me that little bit longer. 

Finally - we're coming to the main point of this post! 

Early June I was sitting with some friends and we got talking about different hair colours and extensions. I brought up that I had always wanted to dye my hair red. Expecting to get an abundance of reasons back about why I shouldn't go red - instead I got support. As my husband was walking me home we talked about getting my hair done. 

By that afternoon I had grown impatient and decided - if I don't do it know I will never do it! 

I picked up three boxes of Scwartzkopf Live Colour XXL HD Luminance colour in the shade Radiant Red (Boots was having 3 for 2 coincidentally). I knew it was red but I didn't want it unnaturally vibrant since this was the first time that I had ever gone this "extreme" with my hair.

Before we got started on my hair - I again had read a hundred different horror stories about not only this colour in particular but other "dangers" of dying your hair red. I attempted to start the process several time all the while reciting my new motto to myself "if I don't do it now - I'll never do it!"

Through entirely my own fault - I have experience an abundance of missed opportunities in my lifetime - and I have decided that that won't happen anymore. 

We applied the first few streaks of colour to the top of my hair and began to work it in. No going back now!

Now - at this point I would like to point out as a complete and utter AMATEUR at doing this I made a number of rookie mistakes as we did my hair.

1. I did not put a towel around my shoulders.
2. I assumed one box would do - sure ya know - the colour would just blend and adjust itself out thus not being quite so red!
3. I did not separate my hair correctly thus resulting in patchy colour on my head.

The FIRST (yes first) attempt at my hair didn't got too bad (or so we thought)

We are blessed with an unnaturally dark home - so we missed a few (a lot of) vital patches of hair by making the mistake of mixing and applying two boxes to my hair at the same time.

After drying and styling my hair I noticed more and more patches of "honey blonde" showing through. I couldn't believe I had messed up so bad or in what world I thought that bright red hair colour would just blend in to my hair! 

So back to the drawing board. We debated for good hour about whether or not I should go ahead and add a second pack. I read more "horror stories" through Google search about colouring your hair twice in the same day.

My husband eventually confiscated my phone and we decided we would go ahead and try again.

I mixed the second pack the same but this time we concentrated it more into my roots, the back of my hair and around my hairline. I waited the recommended thirty minutes again before rinsing it out and applying the hair care sachet. 

I dried and styled my hair as I had done before and wowza! It was a lot brighter!! At first this shocked me a bit as I hadn't intended on dying my hair quite so bright but the more I looked at it the more I realised after more than ten years after my disastrous experience I had finally gotten the hair colour I have always wanted!

I will post a review of the hair colour over the next few days once I have given it more time to settle and more time for me to see how it stays after washing, styling etc.

Overall I am really impressed with this product. I didn't need to bleach my hair and it took quite nicely once I had ensured I had applied it correctly.

Dear 14 year old me - don't worry - we finally have red hair!!


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