24 July 2014

Red Hair Update - Retouching my hair using Manic Panic

1: Dyed hair with Schwarzkopf L38 Fiery Red
2: Retouched hair with Schwarzkopf L38 Fiery Red less than 2 weeks later
3: Retouched hair with Manic Panic Vampire Kiss

As many of you know I decided to dye my hair at the start of June using Schwarzkopf's HD Luminance hair colour in the shade L38 Fiery red.

First attempt at red dye using Schwarzkopf HD Luminance XXL Colour L38 Fiery Red
Less than two weeks after dying it - I noticed that a lot of the colour had started to fade out to a pinky gingery colour and because the dye had lightening properties flecks of blondy brown were also beginning to show through. My hair also grows incredibly fast so I had a lot of regrowth too.

Two weeks after dying my hair it had turned a dull gingery colour with blonde flecks and was in bad condition.

I purchased John Frieda's Radiant Red Shampoo and Conditioner due to the fact that I was aware that red hair is very hard to maintain and even Herbal Essences seemed to be stripping my hair of colour. Each time I washed my hair - it seemed less and less vibrant.

Less than three weeks since initially dying my hair I had a friend apply a second lot of Schwarzkopf's Fiery Red to my hair - this time using two boxes as recommended since my hair is very long and quite thick. Again, it turned out beautiful but after each wash I was back to square one - dull, lifeless, tangled hair that would break so easily when I ran my brush through it.

The second dye with Schwarzkopf was better but my hair was still in poor condition.
I had no idea how to go about trying to get my hair healthy again as I had obviously done so much damage by dying it twice in less than a month that the only viable option seemed to be a trip to the salon - which I was in no position to be able to afford. 

So I went online and researched red hair care and touch up some more and I came across a brand called Manic Panic. A friend of mine had mentioned Manic Panic to me before but when I had looked it up on previous occasions I had been turned away by the fact that it is a semi-permanent hair colour and I couldn't see how it would make much difference. A lot of the tutorials using the colour had also mentioned that for optimum results you would need to bleach your hair and that was a big no no for me.

After a couple of weeks of researching the best way to retouch my hair without having to resort to dying it a third time with a permanent hair dye - I found a great website called www.beeunique.co.uk which stocks a decent range of vibrant hair colours at pretty reasonable prices. 

Manic Panic stocks several shades of red hair dye from bright brick red to sultry vampire red which has plum undertones. I decided I would try out a dye called Vampire Kiss which is pretty much like a mix of their Rock a Billy Red (which I was originally going to pick up)  mixed with what seems to be the most popular dye Vampire Red.

I also picked up a mixing bowl, a brush and a large tube of Directions pre-colour shampoo all of which cost me less than €25 including shipping!

My package arrived before the end of the week and as soon as I seen the Manic Panic dye I was super excited to try it out - so that afternoon I had my friend come over and dye my hair again.

I washed my hair with Directions Pre Colour Shampoo before mixing equal parts of Manic Panic Vampire Kiss with John Frieda Radiant Red.

Manic Panic's dye comes ready to use and does not require the addition of a developer or any pre-mixing for that matter. 

Because my hair had already been dyed red and was now turning a sort of gingery colour due to the lightener in the Schwarzkopf dye - I did not bleach my hair before I used this product.

After much research - I also noted that a lot of people were mixing the dye with equal parts conditioner if they were using it for a touch up. Since this was my first time ever using Manic Panic - I decided I would do the same in case the colour came out a much more vibrant red than I had anticipated. I also wanted to make sure that I got the most of the product until my next purchase as the dye is not readily available in Ireland.

With that said - we mixed half the container of Manic Panic's Vampire Kiss (roughly 60ml) with equal parts of John Frieda's Radiant Red Conditioner and mixed well using a brush.

Before we started the dying process I washed my hair thoroughly using Directions Pre-Colour Shampoo which stripped tonnes of the red from the Schwarzkopf dye out of my hair and basically gave it a deep clarifying wash. I then dried my hair as normal as is recommended on the Manic Panic container. 

My hair was damaged and brittle before using Manic Panic

This dye is quite vibrant and can stain the skin - so I started by applying a thick layer of Vaseline around my forehead, ears and back of my neck.

I then placed a towel around my shirt and my friend began brushing the dye into my hair starting from as close to the roots as possible and then working it down the length. We had plenty of dye to do my whole head since we had "diluted" it down with the conditioner due to the fact this was only intended to be a touch up.

Once all of the dye was in my hair I covered my head with a plastic disposable shower cap and left it to develop.

This dye can stain quite badly so cover your hair as it develops.

Since Manic Panic is a vegan semi - permanent hair dye it is safe to leave in for long periods of time - even overnight if you want to achieve a brighter result. This was my first time using the dye and having no expectations I only left it in my hair for an hour. After an hour I simply rinsed it out until the water ran clear - I DID NOT WASH MY HAIR USING SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER.

I dried my hair as normal and immediately felt the benefits of not only using a deep conditioning dye - but adding more conditioner to it created a kind of hair mask which my hair thoroughly needed. My hair felt healthy and soft and was beautiful bright vibrant red - much more vibrant than when I had dyed it with the Schwarzkopf colour.


I read a lot of conflicting topics online - but since I have such fluffy hair - I really wanted to straighten it to tame the frizz. I found after I had dyed my hair with the Schwarzkopf colour that anytime I used heat protecting sprays or heated tools - they seemed to strip more colour from my hair. When I straightened my hair after using Manic Panic however this was not the case, on the contrary - using the heated tools appeared to seal the colour in more.

It's been almost two weeks since I retouched my hair and after several washes, protective products (it's been very sunny and hot here) and heat styling my hair is still vibrant and healthy feeling. Even though a lot of the dye seems to run out when I shower it hasn't really affected the brightness of the colour a whole lot.

I will be touching up my roots (which grow ridiculously fast) in the next week or so - so I will let you guys know how I have gone about doing that (I don't even know yet!) and the results.

2 weeks since retouching - photo taken in natural light - no filters

Have a beauty-full day :3
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  1. Vampire's Kiss came out beautiful! Your hair looks so healthy and shiny, too.

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  3. Do you get any problems with the dye 'leaking/rubbing' onto your neck/shoulders? I'm having a massive issue with it -_- despite me wearing my hair up 99% of the time! It comes off easily if I rub my neck with a cotton wool pad with some nail varnish remover on it, not really the point though! It looks gorgeous on you btw. I have the undersides of my hair and fringe dyed Vampires Kiss Red with the rest black, and I love it. Just an arse ache with the constant leaking!