30 July 2014

Getting to the "Roots" of the Problem!

Retouch day! :)

It's been just over 3 weeks since I re-dyed my hair opting for the semi-permanent dye Manic Panic.

My hair has grown super fast since my last dye so I have at least an inch of dark mousy brown roots showing through.

After tonnes of research it's looking like I'll have to bleach my roots to try and get the same shade as the rest of my hair - but for today I thought I would experiment and see just how much of my natural hair colour I could top up with Manic Panic.

I started by grabbing my mixing bowl, brush, Manic Panic Vampire Kiss hair colour and John Frieda Radiant Red conditioner.

I then took approx two brush scoops (I know so technical ) of colour and placed that into my mixing bowl before squeezing and equal amount of conditioner in and mixing together.

I applied this mixture as close as possible to my head (Manic Panic stains my scalp bright pink and they do recommend you don't apply it to your scalp for this reason). Since I haven't tried this before - I wasn't sure how well it would work - So I decided I would only test this on the area where I would usually part my hair.

I left it in my hair for approx an hour before rinsing out. I then applied two more heaped brush scoops of dye into my mixing bowl again along with a decent amount of conditioner and began to work this through my hair starting at the ends and working it in until it was foamy - and then back through the rest of my hair avoiding rubbing it into my scalp.

Squeezing all of the excess water out if my hair I then piled it on top of my head and covered it with a disposable plastic shower cap. I left it in for approx 15 mins before rinsing it out and blow drying my hair.

The result:
While the dye didn't fully cover my visible roots it did tint them which has blended them a bit better with my hair colour. 
The 15 minute tinted conditioner also helped brighten my hair up until my next full head dye.

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