10 August 2014

I met Pixiwoo!!

This week was super exciting for me because not only did my week start off with the arrival of my appointment to FINALLY meet with a surgeon - but I also had the opportunity to meet the beautifully talented Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nic Chapman!

For those of you not familiar with this amazing duo, these girls are the faces and brains behind the amazing Real Techniques line of makeup brushes and the more recent additions of the gorgeous Night Owl and Modern Natural makeup kits. (Reviews and tutorials to come)

My first encounter with Pixiwoo however, was a little over four years ago when I first started gaining interest in makeup and came across some of their amazing makeup tutorials on Youtube!

I have been a subscriber ever since! I can honestly say with hand on my heart that they were amongst some of the first beauty bloggers I ever came across that truly inspired me! 

Four years on I am proud owner to their entire brush collection and have since set up my own Youtube channel, Facebook page and blog in the hopes that I too can inspire beauty lovers alike.

When I heard that they were meeting fans in Dublin I could not risk missing out on the opportunity to meet two of my beauty idols!

My little sister Olivia also being a MASSIVE fan of Sam, Nic, Jim and of course Tanya had to come with me and I was glad she did! Although she wouldn't have been as familiar with Sam and Nic's work as I was - she was still super excited to meet them!

We arrived at Boots in the Jervis Centre at around 10:15 am and seeing only a small queue I decided to go into the store to ask a shop attendant where was the best place to queue up and wait for the meet and greet. The sales assistant was so lovely and even brought me a chair to sit in while we waited!

While in the queue we also got talking to a lovely mother and daughter who had journeyed together to meet Sam and Nic. We talked about everything from makeup to fashion to colleges to our other favourite Youtube channels! I love getting the opportunity to interact with other people and Sam and Nic sure have some amazing followers!

Everybody was buzzing when the girls arrived. It was like two rock stars had entered the building in our part of the queue. People shaking, saying they couldn't believe they were really there, how beautiful they both were! I have to admit I was totally starstruck too regardless of the fact that I seemed to be one of the older people in our part of the queue to meet them! I suppose that's a totally normal response, I mean - I have spent the past four years watching every video this amazing duo has produced! I have purchased, used, recommended and admired their makeup brushes and makeup line - so, sometimes it is easy to forget that they are just very real people too.

Before we even realised that the meet and greet had started we were next in line to meet the girls so I will admit I was totally unprepared! I had no idea what to say or what to ask or what to do .. all I could manage was to give them both a giant hug!

They both took a moment to talk to me about my foot injury which I thought was really lovely - I may have come across as quite blasé about the whole situation - but 7 months in the boot and using a walking aid has become such second nature to me at this stage I always tend to give people the short version. 

They were kind enough to pose for some gorgeous pictures with my sister and I! They also made sure that if you didn't have something with you that you wanted signed to have some signed pictures on hand which they gave to us as we were leaving!

I loved how down to earth and genuine they both were with all of their fans! Every single person that walked away from them after a few photos and autographs was grinning ear to ear! Even when my sister decided last minute that she wanted a brush signed and despite already meeting them - Sam and Nic had no problem signing the brush and even gave my little sister a free brush to take home! (This was a lovely little gesture they offered to anyone who had purchased a brush in store on the day - they offered a free buffing brush (my personal favourite) which of course is only available at the moment as part of the Face Set! My sister was delighted of course with two brushes to take home! Seeing my collection has made her eager to start getting them too.)

Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to meet them again someday and manage to thank them properly for everything, for inspiring me and encouraging me to explore the creative side of makeup. You could tell just by being there how much they have both impacted peoples lives.

Check out my sassy boot pose! ;)

So thank you again Sam and Nic for everything! <3
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