11 September 2014

My Disneybound Birthday Party

It's no secret to many that I am an absolute Disney nerd! I go beyond the fan stage and embrace my Disneyside on almost a daily basis! I can't really describe why I love it so much, all I know is that everything and anything Disney related makes me happy. Some of my fondest and most special memories were made in the parks - such as the time my husband proposed to me on the balcony of Sleeping Beauty's castle to the time we were fortunate enough to spend our honeymoon there in a suite overlooking the lake.

But this post is not about my love for Disney much as I could probably sit here and write about it all day! This post is about my wonderful Disneybound Birthday Party. 

I turned 27 years old on Monday (I know, I know .. you love Disney and you're 27??! Yes ... yes I do!) and while I do enjoy organising parties I have been less interested in organising them for myself the past few years. This year was an exception. 

As 2013 came to a close my husband and I had big plans to return to Disneyland Paris (as we do almost every year since our engagement in 2009). Unfortunately, at the end of December I ended up in a position where I was made immobile for the most part of this year. I am currently waiting for surgery on my right foot and as a result we were forced to cancel our holiday plans. 

While this year has been difficult for us so far, everything that I have gone through has taught me some very important lessons not only about myself but about friendship.

So while I was initially upset at the fact that we could not go to our beloved Disneyland, I was determined to celebrate as if we were regardless!

So family and friends joined me last Saturday to celebrate not only my 27th Birthday but all of the obstacles we have all overcome over this past year.

What is Disneybounding?
"Disneybounding" is way for Disney fans to express themselves through fashion!

The idea is to take a character and create an outfit inspired by that characters accessories and colour pallet.

I chose Peter Pan.

Peter Pan has always been my favourite story and I felt that it was the perfect choice of character for my birthday. 

The party in a way was to thank the friends that have been there for me over the past year, the friends who have encouraged me, given me faith and trusted me.

My dress is from Lindy Bop which I purchased through Amazon. The belt is from Debenhams. The red feather necklace is a piece I made myself. My lace trimmed cardigan is from Dunnes Stores and my Peter Pan inspired ears are a handmade item from the wonderfully talented LittleNezumi.

My family was kind enough to organise everything in their house for us. My hubby even Disneybound as Captain Hook!

His red shirt is from Debenhams, the braces we picked up from H&M. He wore a black pair of slacks from Dunnes Stores and his white lace dickie bow was handmade by me.

In addition to dressing appropriately we also wanted to treat our guests to a menu inspired by some of our favourite places to eat while we visit Disneyland Paris! My hubby worked hard to recreate a "Disney Inspired" menu for the party which we sent by e-mail to everyone the day before - just so everyone knew what to expect.

Each item on the menu was inspired and named after some of our favourite eateries and dishes.

In addition to having Disney themed food my Sister in Law Siobhan also made me a beautiful Disney inspired cake! She even put my favourite villain Maleficent on the front!

I wanted to have something special to give my guests as a little thank you for all the faith and trust they have given me this past year. Their friendship inspired me to create a special necklace incorporating the theme of the night with our friendship.

I filled glass vials with "pixie dust" and attached "Faith and Trust" charms and of course added in the second star.

All in all everyone made an amazing effort and we had an amazing night!

The Disneybound Gang

Left to Right (Back): Paul (Prince Eric), Tom (Merida), Shane (Captain Hook)
(Middle): Siobhan (Goofy), Rachel (Cinderella), Sinead (Snow White), Catherine (Cruella DeVille)
Front: Olivia (Minnie), Me (Peter Pan), Niamh (Dumbo)

The handsome men of the night Tom (Merida), Paul (Prince Eric) and my hubby Shane (Captain Hook)

So before I finish up I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone first of all for all of the wonderful birthday wishes and then to all those who joined me for my Disneybound Birthday party and made it a night to remember! 

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