18 September 2014

Tried and Tested | My Top Concealer Picks

As a person who wears glasses on a regular basis concealer has to be without doubt one of the most difficult things for me to choose!

I'm sure I am not alone is saying the dreaded creased under eye concealer affects at least one in two of us all on a daily basis. Not to mention, fading concealer, oily concealer and barely there concealers.

Let's just say - I have used my fair share of pretty bad concealers!

Today I wanted to share with you my top tricks and picks when it comes to choosing and using  the right concealer.

Before I reveal some of my favourite products - lets take a moment to think about the need for concealers in our makeup boxes.


Perhaps the most common cause for purchasing concealer - under eye circles can be an absolute pain to try and hide. It is important in this case to ensure you are picking a concealer that will not enhance the colour of your dark circles more. Here are some tips >

If you have

  • Purple / Blue under eye circles - Try a YELLOW based concealer in a shade LIGHTER than your natural skin tone.
  • Brown under eye circles (more common)- Try a PEACH based concealer.


I myself suffer from hyper-pigmentation in my skin (redness / uneven skin tone) so I know only too well the problems faced by many when it comes to choosing the correct concealer to combat this. From my experience when it comes to selecting a concealer for redness / rosacea / acne it is better to stick to a sensitive or hypoallergenic formula which will not irritate the skin further. It is also important to find that holy grail of concealers that will provide full coverage for redness and blemishes without looking too cakey.

Instead of hiding breakouts however, take some time to understand what your skin needs. A lot of the time you will be surprised at how simple it is to combat skin irritations with home remedies. Sometimes your skin just needs you to drink more water! Whatever the case may be - my top tip is to listen to what your body is telling you. Your skin is the largest and most vulnerable organ of your body - take care of it.


Let's face it - everyones is beautifully unique and some of us may need a little more help than others to highlight the areas that would generally focus or draw attention to the not so nice features we feel self conscious about. A good concealer can help lift these areas and create a fresh flawless skin tone. What you want to avoid is picking up a concealer that will draw attention to your "problem" areas or blemishes and always remember - less is more. When it comes to picking up a "highlighting" concealer my tip is to select a concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

So you can see that depending on what you want to conceal - you may need more than one concealer in your beauty arsenal.

Here are my top concealer picks:


I have used and repurchased this concealer several times! It took me a while to really appreciate and understand how to use it correctly but once I did - I could not put it down!

The concealer itself comes in a small round container which comprises of two compartments.

The first compartment houses a translucent setting powder which you can use to complete Step 3 of your concealing process.

The second compartment is home to two beautiful creamy concealers. The concealer is available in two shades Light and Medium. I currently use the Light shade. You receive two shades in the compartment - one to highlight and enhance your under eyes and the other to combat any uneven skin tone.

I love love love this concealer and while it has worked wonders and continues to work wonders for me - the only problem I find with it is down to the creamy formula.

Cream concealers tend to settle in any fine lines over time. I set my under eye makeup with a very thin layer of powder because of this. While this concealer can go about 4 hours without any creasing or breaking down - it will eventually start to settle in any lines around your eyes. So stay away from using the cream concealers under your eyes if this is something you have a problem with.

As for general blemish coverage - this stuff is amazing! The creamy consistency ensures blendable, build able coverage and mineral product breakdown throughout the day.


I have already raved about this concealer in a previous post which you can read here. Again, this is another concealer I have re-purchased.

MeMeMe's Flawless concealer is a lightweight cream textured concealer is a creamy textured highlighting concealer which comes with a dofus applicator in the lid.

What I love most about this concealer is it's highlighting properties! Applied under the eyes, the right shade will instantly brighten your complexion for a radiant dewy look. When worn with MeMeMe's Flawless foundation the results are flawless!

This brightening concealer is a bargain beauty buy in my book and a must have addition to your concealer collection.


This is the holy grail of bargain concealers in my book. I have re-purchased this concealer several times and never been disappointed with the results.

Collection's Lasting Perfection "Ultimate Wear" concealer is a creamy textured liquid concealer in a tube which comes with a dofus applicator in the lid.

This concealer covers everything! It is lightweight, buildable and best of all - transfer proof. Collection's formula is so effective the product not only stays put during the day as your skin begins to produce natural oils , but it also WATER RESISTANT!

Trust me! I wore this concealer in the hot, humid, sticky Florida heat last summer and it did not budge!


This concealer gets the number one spot in my book for its lightweight, blendable and buildable formula which still manages to retain great coverage, is transfer resistant and water resistant with great staying power! Not to mention how beautifully it photographs!

I currently wear the shade "Light 18".

Unfortunately, this concealer is not available on the Irish market as of yet. I picked mine up during a trip to the US last year - so if you have a good friend in the states it should be fairly cost effective to ask them to pick you up some.

It retails for $25 on Sephora and shipping on such a small items should be fairly cheap. I really do believe this one is worth it! I have even tested it out on my foot tattoo without using the recommended primer colour neutralising base - and the results are there. If this conceal tattoo's - it can conceal anything!

So there we have it. My top concealer picks of this year so far.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog and thanks for stopping by!

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*Apologies for the image quality - my poor camera is sick :'( 

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