10 September 2014

Urban Decay is ELECTRIC!

I've been suffering from writers block the past week and a half! I can't explain it! It was like I had an abundance of energy for weeks and then BAM ... nothing! 

I am however on a new pain killer for my chronic foot pain while I continue to wait for surgery and I think that has A LOT to do with it!

Nevertheless .. I'm back after a much needed break <3 Also .. it was my birthday yesterday and as I write this I realise yesterday is no longer the yesterday I thought it was .. (no I haven't taken my pain medication yet!) It was my birthday on Monday!! 

I had the most AMAZING weekend celebrating the 6th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday ;) which I can't wait to share in delightful detail with you guys tomorrow .. but for now I just wanted to pop in .. let you all know I'm still here and tell you ... I finally got the Electric pallet from Urban Decay!!!! :D 

I know, I know ... you're probably saying to yourself "But Amy! That palette was made for you .. how could it have taken you so long to get it??" ... Simply put .. I just did not have €45 lying around to invest in this beauty BUT one of my amazing guests (namely the one and only Tom .. you've heard about him before) and my brother in law Paul pitched together to get me the holy grail of gifts and I could not wait to try it out!! 

Here are the first two looks I created with the pallet. Stay tuned throughout the week for more .. so SO much more! I have so much to fill you guys in on!

Stay beautiful <3

Maleficent Inspired Eye Makeup with Urban Decay's Electric Palette 

"Toxic" Urban Decay's Electric Palette
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