4 October 2014

Disney's SKETCHBOOK Ornament Collection | Review

This week I wanted to bring you guys a different kind of blog.

My hubby picked up two beautiful ornaments for me from the Disney store about two weeks ago and I could not wait to share them with you!

For those of you who are not familiar with this collection - Disney began it's release of it's "Sketchbook" line of ornaments in late August.

As well as releasing a wonderful series of ornaments inspired by famous Disney sketches, the collection also offers limited release collectible figures in a beautiful presentation box. 

I first came across the range online - and what makes this collection so unique is the fact that the figures (while obviously intended for the Christmas line) are not Christmas themed and would make a beautiful addition all year round to any Disney collection.

The first figure my husband picked up for me is really the most special in my eyes. It is the first instalment in "The Moments that made Disney" limited release collectible figures, and that is the "Walt Disney in Los Angeles" Bronze toned ornament.

This ornament is so beautiful. It was a very emotional moment to be able to pick up something Walt themed as these kinds of items are very very rare. The figure itself stands at 10cm tall and depicts Walt behind a movie camera. The base reads "Walt Disney Los Angeles 1923" which of course is the year associated as the beginning of the company. The figure is made from lightweight resin and quite delicate to handle. It stands on it's base which made it a perfect addition to my figurine shelves where it will more than likely stay. 

"The Moments that Made Disney" collection is released on a monthly basis and mainly available online from my understanding. "Steamboat Willie 1928" was the second release in this collection but I have yet to pick this one up. The collection aims to capture 12 key moments in Walt's life which I think is a beautiful sentiment and I will definitely be following this collection closely.

The second figurine I picked up is from the more widely available "Sketchbook" collection. From the moment I saw images of this figure - I had to have it!! Mary Poppins!! The Sketchbook collection released this beautiful figurine in correlation with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the movie this year. The figure depicts Mary holding her signature umbrella and animating her signature ballet first position pose.

The detail in the figure is beautiful! There is almost a "hand painted" essence to these figures and I think what I love most about them is how well they have captured the "sketched" essence of the character. They feel so animated and colourful. 

Overall, I am in love with the 2014 Ornament collection! I think from the point of view of being a Disney collector myself - it is great opportunity to have access to this beautiful non season specific collection. I certainly hope I will have the chance to collect a few more before the end of the year! 
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