27 May 2015

My New Disney Socks!

I picked up some new socks this week! I know right - exciting!!! They are from Tesco's new novelty sock range and the best thing about them is .. yep .. you guessed it - they're Disney socks! Is there anything better?

Okay, I admit it - I'm fresh out of blog ideas for this week - and my husband coaxed me to write about my new socks because I wouldn't shut up about them, so here it goes.

I am self confessed sock addict, especially when it comes to novelty socks. I have always been a keen novelty sock collector! Does anyone remember the early 00's trend of wearing knee high socks with every single outfit in every single colour, pattern or design you could get your hands on from Penneys? Yep. I was one of those people.

Today however, wearing socks has become more of a necessity due to my joint disease which restricts blood flow through my foot and in turn directly affects the warmth in the rest of my foot. So socks are a must for me otherwise I would constantly have one icy foot.

Getting to the subject at hand, I was in our local Tesco the other day and came across their new range of novelty socks which included three polyester full print photographic Disney designs which instantly caught my attention!

The first pair I picked up was a beautiful Cinderella design. I love this print! It is one of my favourite scenes from Cinderella, the infamous dress scene.

The second pair is of course a super colourful full print of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I also picked a pair of these ones up for my TLM loving sister!

The third design was a cute Bambi sock, which I haven't decided whether or not to cave in and buy yet, but I am strongly considering it!

What I love about these socks is that they are so soft and have very little loose fibres. They contain 98% polyester and 2% elastane, which for me is great particularly as I am waiting for foot surgery and was looking for something with very little fibrous fraying that would keep my feet warm and dry. Yes, I was drawn to these socks from a practical point of view too!

Ignore my gross swollen foot lol. But here are the socks in all their glory. As you can see they aren't quite as vibrant on.
Overall I really love the design and they are super comfy. The only fault for me so far is that they seem to pick up everything and in doing so form little fabric bobbles around the base of the foot and ankle that I constantly seem to be picking off.

I will update you guys when I see how they have held up after a few washes. I definitely think these are more for pyjama parties or lazing around the house. I can't see myself wearing these out on a daily basis as they do seem a little fragile.

These are available from Tesco or Tesco online. They retail at €3.75 a pair, but when you buy 3 pairs you get 3 for the price of 2.

Let me know, are you a cozy sock / character sock person like me?
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