29 May 2015

DITLO | 5SOS Live at 3Arena Dublin

Afternoon lovelies,

So sorry I missed out on posting for Thursday this week so as promised I will have a double post today. This post and a Friday video post later this evening.

For those of you wondering what I am referring to with "DITLO" - this is a "Day in the Life Of" entry, sort of a little diary entry and I hope you like it!

Last night my sister and I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer in 3Arena. This was the third time we have seen the band perform live but the first time we have attended a concert fully dedicated to just them! We had previously seen them perform in O2 Dublin as a support act for One Direction in 2013 and again as a support act in 2014 when One Direction performed in Croke Park.

From the first time we seen them perform we loved them! They have such a great stage presence, and as a person who grew up listening to the likes of Greenday, Busted, McFly, Sum41 etc - it was so great to be able to relive a small part of that period of music in my life.

Sadly, still being on a crutch and in a boot is a colossal pain when trying to attend concerts - but luckily we picked up seated tickets when they went on sale last year.

Earlier that day, my Mam and I had decided to venture to Penney's in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre and look for some cool accessories for the concert.

We ended up picking out a gorgeous outfit to surprise Olivia with which consisted of a 5SOS vest over a red tank top, black high waisted shorts over black tights and black "Vans". She also wore a red tartan print shirt opened over her outfit and accessorised with a handmade 5SOS red satin hair bow (which I made when I got home from shopping).

I wore black and white tartan leggings, a long red tank top and a 5SOS t-shirt which I customised before we left, by cutting the neck into a scooped off the shoulder style shirt and turning the back into a cut up "bow" styled tied design - just enough to show my red top through.

We got an express train into Dublin City Centre arriving for roughly  6 o'clock. We then decided we would walk the 20 minutes to the 3Arena as it was quite nice out - and seeing as the show wasn't due to start until 7:30pm - we had lots of time to spare encase I needed a break.

On arriving at the 3Arena, a girl was standing by the gate also on crutches and in a walking cast! She shouted over to me that we both had boots on! It was so nice to see another boot buddy! :)

We entered the venue and headed for the merchandise stands to get an idea of what kind of prices we would be looking at. Most t-shirts were priced between €25 - €35. A program cost a whopping €20! What happened to the days of €10 programs? Olivia wasn't quite sure what she wanted to get so we decided to head into the arena and get our seats. Since I am pretty slow on the crutch - we had plenty of time to spare after the show to look at merchandise.

A Californian Punk Rock band called Hey Violet! was the support act! They came on stage around 7:30pm and played for at least a half an hour. They were amazing! We really enjoyed them!

5 Seconds of Summer took the stage around 8:10pm and played right through until 10:10pm! Two hours of amazing music!

Since everyone was standing for the concert, despite us being in a seated area - I somehow managed to use the fold down seats we had to create a "hoist" for my leg so I had no weight bearing on it - which was awesome because it meant I could stand for a few minutes at a time (before my left leg got tired) and enjoy the concert experience with everyone else!

After the concert, we were escorted very kindly by one of the staff members to the lift area to make it easier for us to exit from the tiered seating to the ground floor. We then took the opportunity to have another look at the merchandise stands. Olivia picked out an adorable "Ketchup the Dog" soft toy with 5SOS embroidered on his belly, as well a photo print set as her concert souvenirs.

We had such a great night! You can check out the concert highlights in my vlog here:

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