19 May 2015

"Let's Talk and Walk" for Mental Health

On Sunday the 17th of May, I attended "Lets Talk and Walk" in Avondale House and Forest Park County Wicklow.

My sister in law Siobhán who has an extensive background in promoting Mental Health awareness had invited me to attend along with my Father in Law and the Brady family pup Lilo.

The event was organised by Coillte and Mental Health Ireland and invited people to walk together and encourage discussions in the hopes of ending the stigma associated with mental health.

A group of approximately 40 - 50 people branched off into separate groups for discussions. We decided to follow the group that was taking the walk through the forest trail that had been marked. Outside the trail there was a "Conversation Tree" where people were invited to write their messages of support on a tag and attach it to the tree.

The pathway through the forest was marked with inspirational quotes from Walt Disney, Robin Williams, C.S Lewis and even Winnie the Pooh. It was a beautiful idea - and certainly encouraged us to stop and take a moment to think and talk.

Lilo of course made lots of new friends and had a great time running through the forest. Her only problem came when everyone stopped walking! :)

The trail ended at the beautiful historic Avondale House, where face painters and a playground waited for the children.

It was a lovely day. All in all the walk only took about 20 minutes to complete, but it was beautifully humbling and thought provoking walking amongst the giant trees together.

You can check out more of Siobhán's award winning blog There's Always Light at the End of the Tunnel here, in which she has documented her own personal battles with mental health as well as offering an abundance of invaluable advice and encouragement.

Here is a little vlog of our day.

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