20 May 2015

Mens Beauty | Mr Scruffies Beard & Moustache Grooming Range

Last January my husband Shane decided he would like to start growing and maintaining facial hair. I admit at first I was not overly fond of the idea.

During his holidays in early January he went without shaving, which I found hilarious as it was obvious that he was super uncomfortable and irritated having never missed shaving once during the nine years of our relationship. Nevertheless he was adamant that he wanted to grow this beard out!

It wasn't long before we decided that the newly growing "beard" was a little too scruffy looking - so off he marched to shave it and wait to try another day. He joked with me from the bathroom - I think I'll shave it into a goatee! Of course, I was not amused - but when he walked in to show me his "joke goatee" I was surprised that it actually really suited him! So the goatee stayed and continued to stay for almost a year!

This year - during his March holidays - he said he wanted to see if he could get a beard to fill out a bit more. Again, I was slightly adamant and not overly convinced it would really suit him. Bam - less than two weeks later - I found that I couldn't imagine him without a beard and not only that but I couldn't understand why he hadn't grown it before! It really suited him!
Left Summer 2012 / Centre Summer 2014 / Right May 2015
Naturally, beards require a great deal of maintenance, so we spent a few weeks looking through mens health and grooming in Boots to see if there were any types of specific grooming products for facial hair. Nothing.

That was, until one day at the end of March when we came across the Mr. Scruffies range of beard and moustache products.

The first time we came across this brand, there really wasn't a lot in terms of variety on the shelf. They had a shaving bowl and brush set, a beard wash for the shower and a mini grooming kit. Since we already had 10,000 combs and hair scissors at home, Shane was happy to leave the grooming kit. The shaving bowl obviously was not going to be needed anytime soon, so we left that day with the beard wash happy to have found something, but also a little disappointed that they didn't have a little more.

It was the end of April during a second visit that I came across a much bigger, more extensive range and grabbed what I could to add to a little gift basket for Shane's birthday!

Here are Shane's thoughts on the range so far:

Mr. Scruffies Beard and Moustache Grooming Wash

This was the first product Shane used from Mr. Scruffies and has been using it regularly since March.

This product is great, not heavily scented, extremely cleansing yet conditioning and stops his beard from feels wiry and brittle. A small amount goes along way with this one, despite the price.

Price: €1.49 for 100ml
Any skin irritation / discomfort: No
Is this product tested on animals? No
Would repurchase? Yes

Mr. Scruffies Beard and Moustache Shampoo Soap Bar 

Shane hasn't used this product much as of yet, but again it is not heavily scented and is incredibly moisturising and conditioning.

Price: €1.49 for 80g
Any skin irritation / discomfort: No
Is this product tested on animals? No
Would repurchase? Yes

Mr. Scruffies Beard and Moustache Grooming Oil

Shane uses the grooming oil almost daily to tame any wiry fly aways and condition his beard. It is easy to use, non greasy, pleasantly and lightly scented.

Price: €1.49 for 40ml
Any skin irritation / discomfort: No
Is this product tested on animals? No
Would repurchase? Yes

Mr. Scruffies Beard and Moustache Grooming Set 

This set comprises of a small scissors and comb. At first Shane was not overly interested in picking up this set, but since he started using it - he actually much prefers it to the old trimming scissors he was using. The scissors and comb are a great size for precise trimming, comfortable to use and great quality.

Price: €1.49
Any skin irritation / discomfort: N/A
Is this product tested on animals? N/A
Would repurchase? Yes

On further research I came across a Facebook page dedicated to this range which you can find by clicking here. I also found out that this range is made by Healthpoint Ltd and as always of course I was curious as to this companies policy on animal testing, which was easily found on their website.

I was happy to read that despite the price this company is not only "against animal testing" but clearly states "none of our cosmetics are tested on animals". This is also printed on the label of the grooming wash.  A massive bonus if you ask me.

In regards to the cruelty free status of the rest of the range which did not have this on the label, I emailed Healthpoint LTD who confirmed for me "No animal testing has been conducted or commissioned by on the ingredients, development samples or finished products."

The full range
All in all, Shane is very impressed with this range of products. Not only is it affordable, but it works! In addition - from my own personal perspective, the marketing is fantastic! It's quirky and retro and would make a wonderful gift. It's great to see more expansion in male beauty products and I personally would love to see this brand reach the bigger stores in the near future. 

Next on Shane's wishlist from this great range is the grooming wax! If you would like a review on the wax added here when we have a chance to pick it up - let me know in the comments section. 

Mr Scruffies Beard and Moustache grooming range is available from most Dealz stores nationwide.
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*This is not a sponsored post. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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