21 May 2015

Recipe | Fresh & Sweet Squeezed Lemonade

Today's recipe is a weekly favourite in my house, and that's the day I make fresh squeezed lemonade to keep chilled in our fridge.

Did you know there are actually several health benefits associated with drinking freshly squeezed lemonade?

Take my husband as an example, while he enjoys eating apples - he isn't a big fruit lover apart from that. He also suffers from mild asthma and difficulty breathing comfortably from time to time, a condition he has had since a child. It is believed that the addition of Vitamin C to your diet can help to improve breathing and open the airways. Since lemons naturally contain a high concentration of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants they help to boost the bodies immune system and therefore are believed to help asthma sufferers become more resilient to external factors which may prompt an attack.

Fresh lemon juice is also beneficial for:
- Detoxing
- Relieving toothache
- Speeding up your metabolism
- Helping to clear up acne / generally improve your skin
- Energy
- Bone related diseases (Yay for me)
- Infections
- Relieving Coughs and Colds
- Nausea

Incredible health benefits aside, it is also incredibly tasty - so here is my quick, easy and refreshing recipe for lemonade.


Preparation time: 10 minutes
Makes: 2 litres / 6-8 servings


5 large lemons
1 lime
1 cup of white sugar (you can add more to taste)
1.5 litres of Sparkling Water


1. Grab a large bowl and lay a strainer across the top. Begin to juice 4 of the lemons pouring the juice through the strainer as you go.
2. Add the sugar to your lemon juice and stir until all of the sugar has been dissolved.
You could also mildy heat your sugar in some water to help it melt faster - and then add the sugar water to your juice. 
3. Pour your sugar and lemon mixture into a jug. Fill the rest of the jug with sparkling water and stir.
4. Slice half of the remaining lemon and half a lime. Place the lemon and lime segments in your jug along with some ice and serve.
5. Garnish with lemon and lime pieces and enjoy.

Do you have any recipe suggestions for next weeks post? Let me know in the comments.
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