14 May 2015

Review | NO7 Brush Cleanser

Last week I came across No7's Brush Cleanser for the first time. I shop in Boots on a regular basis and apparently this product has been out for a long time, so I was very surprised that it had eluded me for so long.

I normally use either my own homemade brush cleanser or MAC's Brush Cleanser to sanitise and spot clean my brushes on a daily basis. While my homemade version is certainly cost effective - it is also kind of frustrating because my brushes never feel quite as soft and cleansed as when I clean them with store versions. The MAC Brush Cleanser is one of my favourites and probably one of the best brush cleansers out there (certainly of the ones I have used) but I was eager to try some other brands and see if they could give similar results.

The Packaging

The No7 Brush Cleanser comes in a 185ml hard plastic bottle with a lockable pump attachment - similar to a lotion or hand soap pump. The packaging is slim enough to pop into my makeup case without any issues and the lockable pump ensures no leakages (providing you remember to lock it after use).

The pump attachment itself is quite awkward. It is very hard to control the amount of product that comes out as the pump neck is quite short, and you really need to apply some pressure to get the product out. In addition to this - the product shoots everywhere if you don't hold your cloth or tissue close to the nozzle. I think I will be swapping the pump for a spray attachment.

The Product

The solution itself is colourless with a mild alcoholic scent, but not too strong. The addition of alcohol to this formula makes it perfect for sanitising your brushes as well as spot cleaning them - making it a great addition to any makeup artists kit.

As you can see from the before and after - this solution does a pretty great job of removing product. It also dries very fast - making it possible to use my brushes a minute or two after cleaning.

This product specifies that it is not suitable for deep cleans, it is simply a daily cleaning cleanser.

You may notice I do not clean my brushes on tissue as most people would recommend. This is purely my preference. I like to use a clean face cloth (I actually use the same one for cleaning my brushes .. I pop it in the washing machine after each use). I prefer this simply because I find that coarse towel fibres help to remove excess makeup better than a tissue does. Also, less tissue wastage :)

The Price

This brush cleanser is available in most Boots stores or online at €10.50 for 185ml of product.

The Verdict

- Affordable
- Quick Drying
- Easy to store
- Sanitises as well as spot cleans

- Awkward "Pump" attachment

While this is certainly an affordable cleanser at only €10.50 I can still see myself opting for my MAC Brush Cleanser in the long run. Not that I find anything majorly wrong with this one, it is good and it works but there is just something about it that just doesn't quite hit the mark for me. Perhaps it is the awkwardness of the pump bottle, which also results in using a lot of product unnecessarily. I certainly don't see it lasting very long unless I can adjust the top. Either way I feel that although it does clean well - I just don't feel like it does quite as good a job as MAC.

I feel like it is worth spending the extra €4.50 on the MAC one especially when you consider you are getting 235ml of product.

Now for the math part! :) If you break it down and consider that No7 Cleanser works out at €5.67 per 100ml, €6 per 100ml for the MAC cleanser is certainly worth the extra cash. The MAC cleanser lasts a long time, nourishes and moisturises your brushes and is also effective for soaking your brushes to remove heavy makeup particles before a pre-wash deep clean.

Don't get me wrong - this one is great for quick on the go cleaning, but the MAC cleanser remains victorious in the battle of the brush cleaners in my books.
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  1. I've been looking for a great gift to get my wife for a while now for our anniversary. She has been working so hard, and always has makeup on before she goes to work that this would be a great help in making things easier. I like that you mentioned that there are certain things that need to be done to ensure that a brush is able to be cleaned properly. Thank you for sharing.