8 June 2015

Disney | Vans - Young at Heart Collection | Classic Slip Ons

Last week I wrote a post to tell you guys that Disney and Vans had combined forces to bring a beautiful collection to the market. I have a little story about my purchase of these shoes for you guys today. 

You can shop the full collection at Vans.ie or Schuh.ie
While I was excited about this collection when I wrote about it last week, I was also heartbroken by the fact that I am still waiting on surgery on my right foot - and as such - it didn't seem to make sense for me to buy a pair since I wouldn't be able to enjoy wearing them for the foreseeable future. 

Even when my surgery is over, I don't know if I'll be able to enjoy shoes such as Vans or Converse again.

My husband and I had our monthly date today. We generally spend a day at the movies, do a spot of window shopping and grab some food. 

While we were window shopping, my husband asked me if I at least wanted to have a look at the new collection. We ventured into Schuh in Liffey Valley and I was excited to see the gorgeous range of designs from the collection on offer. Sadly the Minnie Mouse pattern I had fallen in love with online was nowhere to be found in the store. I accepted this as I am a strong believer in the fact that if something is meant to be - it will be. Clearly, this was a sign I was not meant to have them even if I did want them. Shane however, would not give up so easily and did not want to leave the store without me seeing the shoes. He approached one of the store assistants and asked if they had any left. The assistant told us they had one pair left in the store as the others had sold out over the course of the two days since release. Oddly enough it just so happened that the final pair of shoes in this print were exactly my shoes size! Shane thought this was too funny and asked the sales assistant if we could have a look at them.

The sales assistant brought the size 5 out and Shane told me to sit down and try them on. Of course, I could only try the left one and part of me didn't want to try it on at all, knowing I couldn't enjoy them and would have to hand them back. Little did I know, Shane had already decided he was going to get them for me. 

Schuh has a fantastic policy also, whereby if you change your mind on your shoes within one year, you can return them for a full refund if they have not been worn. This is beyond perfect for me, since I won't know if they will be comfortable enough to wear post-op. Shane laughed however and said that even if I can't wear them there was no way I was going to return them. He's probably right! 

The shoes came packaged in a black shoe box embossed with Disney and Vans names in gold. 

The front of the box and tissue liner inside was printed with Disney character logos which I thought was a really beautiful touch.

I chose the Minnie Mouse print slip on Vans because despite the fact I loved every single design they had on offer, I'm a Minnie girl at heart. I especially love "Classic" Minnie.

I felt the slip on design looked the most comfortable and I especially loved the thick rubber soul of these shoes. I felt they would be great post op as the would absorb a lot of shock.

The shoe itself is made from a very heavy canvas like material. The heel of the shoe is covered in an almost "faux leather" kind of material making it very comfortable fit.

The front panel of the shoe has two elasticated V shaped panels stitched in to accommodate different foot sizes. This will be perfect for me when I am post - op recovered as there is still quite a lot of room in the shoes to fit insoles without my forefoot rubbing off the material.

Sorry I couldn't get a proper shot of what they look like on. I could only sport the left shoe right now.
When my surgery and recovery is over I will do an updated post.
The collection itself is called the "Young at Heart" collection and boasts a wide range of shoes in various prints and designs from slip ons to tie ups to high tops. There is something for everyone and the choice is not solely limited to shoes - see what I did there??

The "Classic Slip On" collection from Vans.ie as of today
There are several designs to choose from as I mentioned before and each shoe design has its own range of gorgeous matching items.

I cannot even tell you how happy I am with these shoes. I know it may seem silly to be excited about something as trivial as a pair of shoes, but in my case at least it's true what they say "a good pair of shoes can change your life".

Getting these shoes has encouraged me more to prepare myself for this surgery so I will eventually be able to enjoy them to the fullest. I cannot wait for the day I am fully recovered and able to sport my Disney Side in style! So thank you so much to my wonderful hubby Shane for not only surprising me by picking these up as gift for me today but also for encouraging me as always to be excited and want to be able to wear them after my surgery. 
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*This is not a sponsored post. I am in no way affiliated with Disney or Vans.

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