25 June 2015

DIY Satin Hair Bow Clips

Today I'm going to show you how to make these really simple and quick satin hair bow clips, perfect for matching with your own outfits or giving as gifts.

You will need:

1.5 inch wide Ribbon in your choice of colour
I'm using satin for this tutorial, but grosgrain or any other stiff ribbon will do
3/8 Inch Ribbon for the center of your bow
Lighter To seal the ribbon once cut
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Alligator Clip


1. Cut your 1.5 inch ribbon to approx 6 inches length and seal the ends using your lighter / candle.

2. Fold your ribbon in half and press along the fold to create a crease. This will give you a guideline for where to apply your strip of glue.

3. Carefully apply a thin strip of glue down the centre crease fold line you created and bring in each corner of the ribbon to the centre, firmly pressing down to secure it into place.

4. Once your glue is dry, begin to create an accordion fold, folding your ribbon three times to create your bow shape.

5. Pick your folded ribbon up, pinching the centre and apply a dot of glue into the centre fold mouth of the ribbon.

6. Turn your ribbon over and apply two dots of glue to the back folds in the centre of the crease to secure the shape.

7. Choose a centre ribbon colour using 3/8 inch ribbon. I prefer to use grosgrain ribbon for the centre as satin ribbon can become bumpy or transparent with the glue.

8. Apply a small dot of glue to the centre of your bow and lay your ribbon, glueing it down in small sections.

9. For the clip, take the same 3/8 inch ribbon you used on the centre and cut it to length so that it matches the size of your clip and also folds over the clasp. Depending on your clip size this could be 2inches of ribbon length approx.

10. Apply a thin strip of glue to the top (bow facing) portion of your clip, and secure the ribbon in place.  Apply a dot of glue to the clasp and fold the ribbon over to meet the other side.

For more instructions and a video demo check out the video above.

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