24 June 2015

How I dyed my hair | Tulip Ombre

Last week I decided to get rid of my brassy red toned hair. I had initially intended to dye my hair purple back in February but ended up with a mahogany shade of purple instead. I ordered Manic Panic's Purple Haze in the hopes that if left in long enough, I would get the purple results I hoped for. The problem at the time was my online order for the dye did not arrive, and so I found myself looking for something to top my hair up with in the meantime. Schwartzkopft's range of hair colours are great for lightening and prepping the hair for brighter colours, but longevity wise they don't work well.

I picked up Directions Dark Tulip semi-permanent hair dye (paint pot) mid March and decided to try this on my hair when I waited for the Manic Panic to arrive.

I won't lie, I was very happy with the tulip shade my hair turned out and overall the dye stayed bright for at least three weeks before fading.

I had often heard that red hair dye was the hardest to maintain, I have to say - I think despite my efforts - the purple shades were much more difficult. I tried everything including using shampoo formulated for blonde hair, and nothing seemed to work.

By last week, I was growing pretty tired of the constant upkeep and how generally bad my hair was starting to look, so I decided I would strip my hair using ColourB4 as I had done previously and then re-dye it using a natural brown shade.

I used the "Extra Strength" ColourB4 on my hair. All in all this process takes almost two hours to complete start to finish. I have a video detailing the process from the time I removed my red hair which you can watch below for more info.

Once my hair was completely stripped of colour, it was a golden blonde shade. I always get a bunch of questions on my channel about whether or not ColourB4 restores your natural hair colour. The answer is yes BUT if you have bleached or dyed your hair using a lightening dye - you have removed the natural pigment from your hair - and this lightened hair colour is what you will end up with. 
The next step was to dye my hair. Last time I used an auburn shade from Clairol which I was not overly fond of. This time I opted for L'Oreal Excellence cream in the shade 6 Natural Light Brown.  I had decided at this stage that I wanted to ombre my hair and had spent days trying to figure out how to do it at home .. but in reverse .. since I wanted the majority of my hair brown with the ends remaining blonde. 

With my now blonde hair, I went ahead and dyed it as per the box instructions leaving roughly four to five inches of my ends free of the dye. I let the colour develop for about thirty minutes before rinsing it. I loved this shade of brown, its very natural and while I was initially worried about the "ombré" not blending correctly - it actually looked pretty nice. 

Since I had over a half tub of my Directions Dark Tulip dye left, I decided what better way to use it up then to run it through my blonde ends. So I did. I simply mixed one part dye to equal amounts colour protect conditioner, applied gloves and rubbed the dye through the length of the ends of my hair. I left this for a further fifteen minutes, rinsed the colour out and styled my hair. 

This was the final result:
After washing my hair since and the colour has still remained pretty vibrant. I use Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Condition in The Coloir Illuminator. I used to use John Frieda's Radiant Red to maintain my red hair, but after discovering this one found it just as good if not better than John Frieda. I try to go at least three days without washing my hair to increase the longevity of my colour, using dry shampoo between washes. I also use luke warm / cold water to wash my hair when I have any sort of vibrant dye in it.

Thanks for checking out todays post! What outrageous hair colour have you wanted to try but been too nervous too? Let me know in the comments! :)
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  1. So when you used the hair colour removal cream, did your hair turn a slight blonde colour?
    I'm looking to re-dye my hair a bright red colour but I've accidentally picked up hair colour removal instead of bleach, but I thought the hair colour removal would work slightly the same as bleach.
    My hair is naturally brown but I was wondering if the cream turned your hair a more lighter colour.

    1. Hi there! Sorry I'm only replying now!

      The dye I used to initially dye my hair had lightening agents in it (touch of bleach) which allowed the red pigment to appear brighter on my hair. So when I stripped the colour using ColourB4 my hair colour underneath had turned into a brassy blonde as a result - much as it would have been had I bleached it. The ColourB4 I used contained no bleach - so I don't imagine it would lighten your hair enough to dye over with the red - it really just serves to loosen the pigmentation on the strands of hair and allow you to wash them out! Maybe see if the place you purchased from will allow you swap it out if you haven't used it yet? :) If you're still unsure - I would definitely suggest talking to a hair stylist and seeing what they advise! I hope that helps!

      Happy New Year!