9 June 2015

I am a Dreamer | A Review of Tomorrowland: A World Beyond

My husband and I went to see Tomorrowland : A World Beyond last Sunday. 

I have been really excited to see this movie since first watching the promo clips from the D23 recap last year. 

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this one, as it wasn't heavily advertised or promoted like many other Disney movies. All I knew was that it was loosely connected to the concept of the "Tomorrowland" section of the theme park and that excited me. 

I don't want to give too much of the plot away here as it is such an enjoyable movie and I think it is important to view it with an open mind and no expectations. 

The movie follows the stories of Frank and Casey. Frank for all intent and purpose enjoyed success a boy genius who as a child decided to enter one of his inventions into the 1964 World Fair. During his visit he is befriended by a girl named Athena, who recognising his potential, presents him with a special pin despite the failure of his presentation. 

Many years later, we are introduced to the story of Casey - whose inquisitive nature and keen interest in Science has a tendency to land her in trouble. After finding herself locked up for the night, she discovers an unusual pin among her belongings the next day. Although she proclaims that she doesn't own the pin, the most amazing thing happens when she touches it. She appears to be transported to another world. Casey keeps the pin out of curiosity and sets out on a mission to reach the new and curious world that she is sure is meant for her. 

On her travels she inadvertently ends up combing forces with the now reclusive Frank and together they embark on a journey to find the world beyond our world led by Athena, the girl from Franks past. They encounter many obstacles along the way, all of which help them to think more about our world and the future of the world in a different light.

The themes and morals of this story are deep rooted in the fact that collectively as a race we often lack hope for the future and we are more often happy to accept whatever fate is presented to us. This movie causes you to question yourself and think deeply about moral, social and environmental issues - all things that in the general sense would be taken for granted. 

While the movie doesn't directly contain any references to the Disneyland themed area of the same name, there are several fantastic Disney cameos that fit in well with the overall story.

During the opening scene as Frank skips along to enter his invention at the 1964 New York World Fair for example, the song playing is that of The Carousel of Progress "It's a great big beautiful tomorrow". This was an attraction designed for the World Fair as was "It's a Small World" which also makes an appearance serving as Frank's portal to the future. 

Other notable Disney references included the appearance of costume characters in the opening scenes when Frank ran towards the Small World attraction to try and catch up with Athena. He runs past the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and Honest John the Fox from Pinnochio. Both of these characters are significant as the White Rabbit thematically symbolises curiosity, hope and the passing of time as well as making quick or poorly led decisions. Alice after all never considered how she would get home. The inclusion of the Honest John the Fox from Pinnochio could be seen as the very real threats of manipulation as well as an indication of the dangers that awaited. 

There were several beautiful quotes that stuck with me after this movie had ended. The first was from a home movie of a young Casey who when asked by her father why she wanted to visit the stars "what if there's nothing there?" replied with "what if there's everything?".

This is a beautiful heart warming movie that reminds us to think optimistically about the world around us,  regardless of what life throws our way. Each and every one of us has the power to make a positive difference, each and every one of us has the capacity to be a dreamer. 

I am a dreamer. Are you?
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