5 June 2015

New Disney Vans Collection

Guys, guys, guys!

The Disney Vans collection is finally here!!!

I first heard about this collection about a month ago and was so excited for it's release!I have been checking their website every day for updates. While there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from -  I have to say I am absolutely in love with the Minnie Mouse print.

I am so crushed to be still waiting for my surgery date however, so spending €70 on a pair of shoes I won't be able to wear for another few months seems pretty crazy. I suppose I will have to come to terms that I may miss out on this collection, but that doesn't mean you guys should!

For more information on the collection check out the official Vans blog or watch this super cute video below.

The Disney Vans collection is available from official Vans stores or Schuh.ie.

What's your favourite print? Are you planning on picking up something from the collection to sport your Disney side?
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*This is not a sponsored post. 

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