2 June 2015

No "Makeup" Makeup Tutorial

This week's tutorial Tuesday has been requested for quite some time, but since I would generally wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis, I didn't feel like I would be prepared to upload something when I hadn't really tried it out myself.

The past few weeks however, I have been using this routine on days where I just don't have the energy to do my normal full makeup routine.

This routine has quickly become part of my normal day to day makeup application, because it is so quick, easy and natural looking.

When I think "no makeup" makeup, I think clean makeup, fresh looking skin and just gently accentuated features. Personally, if all I had time to do in the morning was to even out my complexion I would be happy with that and a touch of lip balm.

I know a lot of people would probably say "just don't wear makeup" and that's fine too. If you are blessed with beautiful flawless skin then embrace it. For me, I have very red broken and dry skin from years of harsh acne treatments and I feel like I need that extra bit of help.


Boots Botanics Moisturiser - Day Cream
Forever Aloe Sonya Nourishing Serum
Forever Aloe Sonya Flawless BB Cream - Nude
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer - Light
Catrice Prime and Fine Powder - Translucent 
Urban Decay Cream Highlighter - Sin
NYX Tango with Bronzed - Leopard Gets a Tan
MAC Mineralize Blush - Dainty

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC - Vanilla
NYX Tango with Bronzed - Leopard Gets a Tan
Urban Decay mascara - Perversion

Urban Decay Brow Box - Honey Pot
Maybelline Brow Drama - Medium Brown

Sleek Lip Conditioner - Cotton Candy
Revlon Lip Crayon - 01
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