4 June 2015

Sing me a Song of a Lass that is Gone ...

Being at home all day every day, I suppose you could say I have become a bit of a Netflix connoisseur.

I am constantly watching and looking for new shows.

Not so long ago, I binge watched the entire two seasons of Orphan Black in less than a week.

I know.

This week however, I started watching Outlander at the suggestion of a friend. We vary rarely turn on our regular tv channels, another bill we should probably consider getting rid of in fairness, so I hadn't really heard to much about this show, only bits and pieces from what my friend had told me.

Within the first ten minutes I was hooked. This show is so beautiful on so many levels.

It has everything I love rolled into one. Romance, mystery, fiction, history - so ... I caved and bought the first book.

It hasn't arrived yet, and I know it's crazy to already start the show and want to read the book too, but I am really looking forward to it arriving!

So far I am four episodes in and this show just keeps getting better and better.

Without giving to much away, let me give you a quick synopsis of the story.

Claire, an ex WWII nurse travels to Scotland with her husband Frank an ex MI6 officer to celebrate their second honeymoon and unwind following the turmoils of their time apart during the war. Frank, a budding historian and soon to be Oxford professor focuses much of his time researching his genealogy and the history surrounding the town of Inverness. Claire finding the rich history interesting is only too happy to encourage her husband but she also finds herself keenly interested in the botanic wildlife of the area and decides to venture off alone one day to collect some flowers for examination.

She finds herself drawn back to an area containing stone circles where Frank and her had watched a pagan ritual unfold the night before. As Claire begins to collect flowers, the area becomes mysteriously windy and ethereal. Claire find herself bracing against one of the large stones before suddenly feeling the impact of what she describes as a "car crash" taking over her body. When she wakes, she has no memory of how long she has been unconscious for and begins to wander back to where she left her car parked, only to notice what appears to be soldiers in red coats stalking through the forest.

At first, she surmises that she has mistakenly wandered onto a movie set, but when the soldiers start firing real rounds at her, she quickly realises that she is no longer where she thought she was.

Alone and scared Claire runs from the soldiers and as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that she has somehow inexplicably managed to travel back in time.

Worth a watch. The acting, music and scenery is superb!

What are your favourite shows to watch at the moment?

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