19 June 2015

Remington Vintage Style Hair Straightener | Review & Demo

I was wandering around our local Tesco doing grocery shopping with my husband the other day when I came across this gorgeous little "Vintage Style" set by Remington.

I have been looking for a replacement straightener for quite some time now. I've had the same GHD for almost seven years, which is pretty impressive for me. 

I didn't intentionally go looking for this one, as I don't really straighten my hair all that often. When I came across this set for a bargain clearance price of €10 however, I wasn't going to complain. 

My old GHD still works but my hair ends up being quite greasy within a day of straightening, so I did need to find something that would do the job until such a time as I can replace it.

This straightener itself has a glossy plastic exterior shell decorated with a vintage style pattern. It does not have a temperature adjustment setting which did not really bother me too much. 

There is a switch to turn the unit on and off on the left side of the indicator light 
(which took both myself and my husband some time to find).

The unit heats to 210ÂșC within 30 seconds and there is an indicator light on the top of straightener to indicate that it is on.

As well as the straightener there is also a few other little goodies in this Vintage Style kit. A massive bonus is that it comes with a heat protective pouch. While I really like this pouch I was a little disappointed as you will see that the unit does not fully fit in. Despite there being no opening to accommodate the swivel cable at the end of the straightener, I have just zipped it leaving the swivel cable poking out and then wrapped the cable carefully around the bag. For the price I won't really complain as it does do what it is supposed to. 

The set also comes with a floral makeup pouch in the same print as the straightener and a cream coloured flower hair clip.

I have found a listing on Amazon for anyone who is interested to find out more >  here.

I think for the price it is a great straightener. It would make a wonderful little gift for someone and an especially good starter straightener. It is a perfect temporary replacement for my GHD until such a time as I can afford to pick up a new one.

It does quite a good job, it heats up fast and my hair was frizz free and soft in less than five minutes.

A day later, my hair has a few kinks but is still relatively straight. A quick sweep through with the straightener will fix that!

If you would like to see a more in-depth look and demo of the straightener and the accessories in the set, check out my video below.

What is your favourite bargain beauty find?
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