12 June 2015

Sketching Tinkerbell

Today's video was inspired by one of my favourite Disney characters - Tinkerbell.

I have always been drawn to the character of Tinkerbell from a young age. It's really hard for me to pinpoint the exact reason why, but I do see a lot of my own personality in her. She is fiery and fiesty, creative yet also quite humble. She is curious and enthusiastic and this can often get her into trouble. There are many aspects of my life I can compare, as I am sure many others can too.

I initially didn't intend for the sketch video to become quite so personal but since Tinkerbell was the last character I drew on making my decision to leave animation college, I felt it was important she be the first I share here.

I haven't drawn properly in quite some time. I find it difficult to switch off from the world around me and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed being able to share this video with you today.

I know it's not perfect, my lines are flawed by my shaky hands (caused by my pain medication) but like Tinkerbell - I am determined and I kept going.

I look forward to sharing more of these videos with you, seeing my line work improve over time and finally regaining the deep love I have for art. I have missed it.

I really hope you enjoyed today's video. Please feel free to suggest sketch ideas for my next one. I love hearing from you guys.
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