15 June 2015

"We need more teeth!" | A Review of Jurassic World

Another movie review for you today. Generally we only have the chance to go see a new release in the theatre maybe once a month, so we've been very lucky this week having the opportunity to see Tomorrowland which I reviewed here AND Jurassic World both within the space of a week.

We were initially planning on waiting to see Jurassic World next week but my husband has been anticipating this release for so long, that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see it opening weekend.

Unlike other movies in the franchise Jurassic World does not open with an incident or accident involving park personnel and one of the creations. This movie opens with two of the main protagonists getting ready to embark on a journey to the island of Isla Nublar, home to Jurassic World, the infamous long running theme park devised and dreamt up by John Hammond. 

Despite the disastrous events of the first movie, Isla Nublar is now home to a highly technologically advanced theme park serving thousands of visitors a day. 

Some of the main attractions at the park include a Mosasaurus show, which was teased in the trailer. Much akin to the shows of Seaworld, the Mosasaurus is homed in a massive arena and fed sharks (a hint at one of Speilberg's other blockbuster movies - Jaws) daily to the amusement of the crowd. 

The entire notion of Jurassic World is made so believable that as an audience you feel immersed into the world of the theme park they present. The park mirrors all the traits of popular theme parks the world around, as well as showing several franchises often attributed with parks of this nature. Pandora, Margiataville, Ben & Jerry's etc are all stores we see advertised in the parks as the two main protagonists explore. It's almost a jibe at the capitalisation of entertainment. Even the boys "VIP bands" in the movie are similar in concept to the Magic Bands of Disney theme parks. All of these recognisable and relatable features added to the story make you feel like Jurassic World is not so unimaginable after all. The film creators have also created a realistic website which you can visit and "plan" your own trip to the park which is good fun to navigate through. 

The story itself centres on the creation of a new hybrid dinosaur, the first of its kind, which was created to bring in more visitors. We are told that due to the parks popularity, simply seeing dinosaurs has become less exciting as it has become common knowledge over the course of the years of the parks operation and lost the momentum of ingenuity. The park owners decided something new and different is in order. Little do they realise their new and exciting genetically enhanced dinosaur is much smarter then bargained for. 

I had very little expectations of this movie, I felt the concept of "trained raptors" as we see in the trailer was a little ridiculous and in a way mocking the moral of the original story which was that "nature always finds a way".  Although I have to say Chris Pratt totally sold the role of the raptor trainer in this movie. Creative backstory and intense scenes of the trainers interacting with the raptors certainly sell the concept to me more than the trailer did. I was afraid the movie was going a little too far and I could not understand where the concept of trained raptors would fit in with the main story of the genetically enhanced hybird which inevitably goes on to wreak havoc on the park, but the writers did an amazing job of tying all the lose ends up and helping the audience understand the important addition of this concept. Raptors after all have always been depicted as being incredibly smart and the main selling point of the franchise itself. The interaction with these animals and their integral role in the movie was one of my favourite things to watch. 

As is to be expected much of the movie is centred around survival. Again, we are reminded that technology no matter how great, can always fail and that messing with the genetic coding of animals can have serious consequences. The writers also lead the protagonists to the original site of Jurassic Park in the movie, which was wonderfully nostalgic for me at least. I remember my mother taking me to see the original movie in the theatre 22 years ago. Even to this day, Jurassic Park is still one of my favourites. We are reminded of the sheer power of these animals as the characters walk through the remains of the old park reminiscing the horrors that occurred during the first film.

While the original Jurassic Park was a thrilling adventure and survival story, I feel Jurassic World has a much more moral and environmentally pressing message. It touches on the capitalisation of entertainment regardless of the negative consequences that may occur.

In the end it is the appearance of an old familiar face that results in bringing the hybrid dino down in a massive battle of the titans (incredibly exciting to watch for monster movie lovers like me!) and we are reminded that despite technology, genetics and all the wealth of knowledge in the world, nature truly does and always will prevail. 
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