6 June 2015

All About Brows

After a slight glitch in uploading, my brow routine video is finally uploaded on my channel.

My go to brow products.
Urban Decay Brow Box / Vintage Cosmetics Co Tweezer / MAC Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow / Angled brush / Maybelline Brow Drama
I get a bunch of questions all the time about how I maintain my brows, and I wanted to keep this video short and more about the HOW part than a sort of brow discussion, but I do have some additional tips to share with you.


When it comes to choosing the right brow products, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the massive range on offer. Most brands have several types of brow products to choose from such as:

- Pencils
- Brow Powders (Eyeshadows essentially)
- Pomeades / Whipped mousse formulas
- Brow Mascara
- Gels
- Tints
- Felt pens

In the past I have found brow pencils to be the least effective for me. This is mainly because the pencils I have used before have simply transferred the colour onto my skin as opposed to dispersing it evenly through my brow hairs. In saying that, there are some really great pencils on the market which also contain wax, so not only are you defining your brows but taming them too.

Finding the right brow product is really down to trial and error. I personally prefer to use brow powders as I feel these give the most natural finish.


When it comes to brow care, I find the biggest deterrent for people is the thought of the pain involved in strategically plucking out your hairs one by one. 

Here are my top tips when it comes to shaping and plucking your eyebrows:

- Try to pluck your brows at least once every two weeks

- Make sure you are using a sharp tweezers. The sharper your tweezer the less painful and more effective a pluck you will get.If you opt to using a blunt tweezers, you will find it very hard and painful to remove hair. Have you ever tried plucking brow hair and noticed that it just does not want to come away or just tears? This is mainly due to your tweezer simply being too blunt.

- When plucking hold your skin taut and pull away from the direction of hair growth. You will get a cleaner, less painful pluck.

- Remove one hair at a time, never try to remove clumps. This will just tear the hair as opposed to actually removing the follicle and your pluck will be less effective and grow back quicker.

- Avoid over tweezing your brows. Embrace their natural fullness and follow the natural shape of your brow as much as possible, removing strays as you go.

- Use a magnifying mirror while tweezing. I find this great for ensuring I am targeting even the tiniest and fairest of hairs.

- Try to exfoliate the area between and around your brows at least once a week to remove any dead skin cells and keep the skin in the area soft.


The shape of your eyebrows and how you fill them in can make a massive difference to your appearance.

Sparse, thin eyebrows can age you prematurely while thick, bushy eyebrows can make your eyes appear smaller. Of course, some people look fabulous with one or the other. So really the key is knowing your face shape.

Here is a guide I found to choosing the right brow shape for your face shape:

Of course, if the thoughts of trying to shape your brows yourself are a bit nerve wracking, you could always seek a professional beauty therapist for some help. I always found this easier, especially when I was younger and just starting to experiment with beauty routines. At that time I didn't fill my brows in at all, so rather then mess them up myself and risk patchy odd shaped eyebrows, I would often go to my local salon and ask the beautician to shape my brows for me. I then found it so much easier to pluck and maintain them in the weeks after, as the beautician was able to sculpt my brows into what she felt best suited my face shape. I simply plucked away the strays as they began to grow and voila, a simple manageable brow routine without having to worry about shaping or over-plucking.

What are the key components of your brow routine? Do you get them professionally tended to or take care of them yourself? What is your favourite brow product? Let me know in the comments.
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