10 July 2015

An evening at the Ceilí | Fleadh Laighean 2015

This week marked the start of Fleadh Laighean 2015 (Leinster Fleadh), which this year is being held in my hometown of Maynooth, County Kildare.

Amongst a series of events being held throughout the week, last night we attended a public ceilí held in the square here in Maynooth town and ran by Rita Doyle (Scoil Rince Uí Dhubhail) who treated the crowd to over an hour of dance, including displays by her school Scoil Rince Uí Dhubhaill. 

The ceilí was a massive success with well over 100 people in attendance including a massive group of Spanish visitors who were incredibly fun and enthusiastic when it came their time to participate in the Irish dancing!

I took a few photographs from the evening and wanted to share them with you all. For those of you around the North Kildare area, Maynooth will be hosting a series of events over the duration of the weekend. For a full program of events you can visit the official Fleadh homepage by clicking here.

My little sister's dance school Scoil Rince Uí Dhubhaill (pictured below) are also competing in the dance portion of the competitions today. Join me in wishing them the very best of luck! :)

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