6 July 2015

Easing Allergies | Removing Lily Stamen

The weather the past few weeks here in Ireland has been pretty hot and humid, and just like anywhere else, with hot and humid weather comes pollen. Lots of pollen. While I don't really have an issue with this, my husband suffers particularly bad with hay fever. We keep our cupboards stocked with all kinds of hay fever and sinus medication, especially during this time of year. But being susceptible to hay fever, shouldn't mean you need to miss out on having beautiful floral arrangements in your home. 

I love decorating our house for each season or special occasion. I especially love theming my decorations. Flowers have become my favourite way of doing this, because they add an elegant touch of celebration without being tacky. We love recognising the Fourth of July in our home, not just because we have many friends in the United States, but also because we feel incredibly affiliated with it for some reason. 

This Fourth of July I made an arrangement of white and red carnations and bright blue lilies. Including my gorgeous tinted blue hurricane vase which I purchased to match the arrangement - I spent less than €25.

My husband loves the arrangements I make up, and to make sure he is even more comfortable with having flowers high in pollen such as lilies in our home, I remove the anther of the stamen as each one opens. 

The stamen is the pollen producing reproductive part of the flower. It consists of a filament and an anther. The anther is the part of the plant which holds and releases pollen. I usually remove the anther by lightly tugging on it and dropping it into a paper bag. As each flower opens, I repeat the process until no anthers are left in any of my lilies. This rules out staining and pollen dispersal. 

The lilies still look beautiful and in most cases, have lasted slightly longer than usual without the anthers. You could of course remove the stigma in the centre too, but it doesn't seem to affect my husbands allergies, so I just leave it. 

What is your favourite type of flower? Do you enjoy gardening or flower arranging? 
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