8 July 2015

July Inspiration - Patience | Mood Board

When I was in Art college, we were required to keep visual diaries. As I reflect back on the years gone by and all of my achievements (and failures), I found myself thinking about how much I miss keeping a "visual diary".

These were essentially sketchbooks where we could record inspiration, encouraging our minds to always be thinking outside of the box and expanding our creativity. We would sketch in these, but sometimes we would also fill them with organic goodies, fabrics and anything texturally interested as well. From time to time, a photo or two would be exciting enough to add. 

While at the time, most of us probably seen keeping these visual diaries as a chore, looking back now I have a greater understanding for their need. They not only kept us focused on expanding our creative minds, but encouraged us to look differently at the world around us. 

Lately, I have been embracing the little things and the otherwise meaningless moments. A walk around our town, exploring the beautiful historic university campus right next door would normally be so commonplace that you think I would be bored of it by now. Yet, each time we do go for a walk there I could stay for hours imagining the people whose footsteps I am tracing, looking at the animals busily going about their day, admiring new flowers in bloom, smelling the fresh cut grass. These things fill me with joy. 

Today I felt compelled to create a mood board, and I hope that the aspirations and wishes I have set myself for the month of July will guide me through this month with as little anxiety as possible. I feel disappointed at the end of most busy days, not that I haven't achieved anything, but that it has gone by so fast and I never took a moment to appreciate it.

I sat here this morning, reflecting on some of my favourite things about the month of July. For me July will be a month of PATIENCE. Patience as I continue to wait for the surgery date I was promised would come soon. 

When I feel most anxious or impatient, I love to walk. While my ability to do that is limited until I receive my surgery, I feel blessed to be married to a man who encourages me and stays so patient when I need to rest. 

I love nature. I love stopping to watch birds, rabbits, whatever we are lucky enough to spot going about their business with such carefree determination.

I love long warm evenings (which are in short supply here) but I cherish them when we do have them. 

I love candlelight, particularly outside during summer. There is something so humbling and romantic about sitting around candlelight or a warm fire during a long drawn out twilight. 

So I hope you have enjoyed having a peek at my mood board for July. For me, it serves to remind me to stay patient and calm. To stay humble and happy. To stay warm and loving and to always embrace the little things. 

What are your hopes / favourite things about the month of July?

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