20 July 2015

Motivational Monday | Does it ever get easier?

When this year started, I had so many hopes and aspirations for the new year ahead. Seven months in and I am still no closer to the surgery date promised me and no closer to regaining my life pre - injury. My body aches and pains in ways I cannot describe. My medication is great for my pain, but exhausts me physically and mentally. My body feels like it cannot cope with the changes it is going through and I feel so helpless and hopeless more days than not.

Then out of the blue, something happens that throws everything into perspective. This year so far has been a year of so much loss. Good friends, family, companions, all gone. Death is never easy to deal with, but how can I stay strong for others when I can't even stay strong in my own battles?

My solution so far has been to hide away, cry silently to myself about the people and companions I will miss and how I wish I had one more chance to speak to them and tell them how much they meant to me. 

I have realised something though, coping with loss isn't supposed to be easy and I shouldn't be ashamed to grieve. Like many things in life, it's supposed to be difficult. We are supposed to go through the crucial steps of grieving because inevitably it helps us to examine ourselves in a better light. 

We all experience denial, numbness, anger and depression when we lose someone dear to us, but at some point comes acceptance. Acceptance does not necessarily mean you will forget that person or completely have "dealt" with their loss, it simply enables us to think about that person in a different light without their loss dominating the forefront of memory. Memory is invaluable, making memories is priceless. Treasure those memories because they shape who we become. 

At some point we have to accept that the trivial things are less important and living despite whatever  obstacles lie ahead become the goal. In the immortal words of Robin Williams "Life is fleeting", "Make your life spectacular". 
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  1. Hope your OK? I'm here if you need to talk XX

    1. Thank you darling <3 We had a lot of loss in our family this week, and just had a lot on my mind x Thanks so much again xx You are always there to pick me up when I'm feeling down and I so appreciate it <3