22 July 2015

NYC Gel Gloss and Shine in a Minute Nail Polish | Thoughts & Review

A few weeks ago I popped into our local pharmacy to have a look around. Our pharmacy stocks a great range of makeup products and switches it up every so often, so I love going in from time to time to see what new products they've introduced. 

I was specifically on the lookout for a new range of nail polishes to try out, since I had gotten rid of a lot of my old ones over the past few weeks. As I was browsing the makeup selection, I noticed a NYC nail polish stand full of a wide variety of colours and finishes. I had seen this makeup dotted around various department stores before but never felt compelled to try it out. I didn't have very high expectations for the nail polish given that it was so cheap, so I just picked up one bottle of the gel formula to try it out. 

I applied two coats and the first thing I noticed was that the formula was beautifully thick and opaque.    The nail brush was also pretty wide and flat which made it a perfect shape for saturating my nails with colour and getting right into the corners without too much mess.

It took a while for the gel formula to dry but once it did I was very happy with the finish. It was streak free with a slight shine, and definitely gave my nails a freshly professionally manicured look.

The instructions on the bottle promised that the nail polish would last up to ten days, which of course again, given the price I was little skeptical about.

After ten days I was proven wrong, despite the normal growth that had occurred at the base of my nails, and constant use of my nails daily for crafting and blogging, my manicure was intact with little to no chipping.

Next I tried the Shine in a Minute formula, again I was a bit skeptical about the "fast drying" power of this polish despite loving the gel one. I applied two coats of polish, followed by one coat of my Barry M Base and Top Coat. Yet again, I was proven wrong. The formula was indeed fast drying. I wouldn't say quite fast enough that you can go about your daily tasks, but certainly "touch" dry. I was interested to see if this formula would chip or break down over the next few days, and again I was pleasantly surprised. My Shine in a Minute manicure lasted over a week without any major chipping.

This is the base and top coat I applied with these polishes, although I will note the gel formula stayed put without a base or top coat.

I was so impressed with these nail polishes that I picked up two more colours to add to my collection this week. These are the shades I have picked up so far:

I will most definitley be picking up more of these polishes. I just love them right now. I have never really found a polish that I loved to the point of trusting it to not chip and look messy after a few days, but with this one I can honestly say I had minimal issues with.

My main problem with nail polish is having the patience to wait until it's dry, so the Shine in a Minute is not only perfect for a quick manicure on the go, but perfect for impatient people like me who end up with clumpy smudged nail polish more often then not. I will say the Shine in a Minute formula is a little bit waterier than the Gel Gloss, so you may need an extra coat with lighter nail polish shades to prevent streaking or patchiness.

The Gel formula is beautiful, it lasted well into ten days without chipping and what I loved most about it was that you don't need to set the polish with the use of a UV lamp. With that said it does take certainly longer to dry and is not quite as shiny as a gel manicure, but for the price, the finish and the longevity you really can't go wrong.

NYC is available from most department stores and pharmacies nationwide.

The Shine in a Minute formula is currently selling for €1.79 a bottle while the gel formula will set you back a mere €1.99.

What is you favourite brand of nail polish at the minute?

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*This is not a sponsored post, all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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