8 July 2015

Tutorial Tuesday | Harley Quinn

This weeks tutorial Tuesday was inspired by the spunky Harley Quinn from the DC Batman series. My Harley look was specifically inspired by the latest Batman game release Arkham Knight.

As I was researching images for this look, I found it hard to find consistency. Some images showed Harley with messy unkempt makeup, while others showed her with perfectly neat makeup.

I decided I would go for a look that incorporated the two, so I imagined a Harley with worn away eye makeup and perfect red lips.

I thought of her as having little time to touch up her makeup in between being a bad ass villainess, but she is just spunky enough to carry her red lipstick on her for touch ups.

No filters or editing - Harley Quinn Makeup by Makeup and Beauty by Amy
I went slightly lighter with the white than most Harley Quinn pictures I had seen, I again I wanted to give the impression that she has been wearing this makeup for some time with very little time for touch ups. If you plan on wearing this look for Hallowe'en or an event and you have super dry skin like me, then try using a primer under your face makeup to even out your skin. I didn't do this, and regret it as my skin looked very flakey and dry once I had the white makeup finished.

The eye makeup, I wanted to look greasy and untouched so I used a base of NYX Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in the shade Black Bean. I blended this out across the lid, into the crease and down under the lower lash line. I then used a small amount of matte black eyeshadow on a soft blending brush on top of this and blended it out.

For the lips, I used my Rimmel Apocalips glossy lip lacquer over my Barry M red lip liner.

This makeup looks great with minimal editing for a photoshoot. I used the app Fotor to achieve this finish.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a costume to accompany my makeup look so I decided to paint my chest and neck area to replicate the straps and sleeves on Harley's costume. This of course is completely optional.

For a full tutorial on how you can get this look, check out my video tutorial here:


Snazaroo Face Paint - White

Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil - Black Bean
Urban Decay Naked 2 - Blackout
Urban Decay Mascara - Perversion
Collection Xtreme Liner - Black

MAC Eye Shadow - Charcoal Brown 
Maybelline Brow Drama - Light Brown

Barry M Lip Liner - Red
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer - Big Bang

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil - Black Bean
Snazaroo Face Paint - White
Snazaroo Face Paint - Black
Signature photo Signature_zps98b94e16.png


  1. You painted sleeves on instead of putting on a t shirt. That's dedication right there! This look is so awesome!

    1. Ha ha! I know right!! ;) Making things complicated since 1987! ;) Thanks darling xx