3 August 2015

August Inspiration - Planning | Mood Board

Last month I posted my first mood board. I really enjoy the process of searching through images to give me inspiration for the month ahead, and although I will admit I was a little skeptical about the process actually having any real effect on me, I was surprised that the "mood plan" I had created for last month actually stayed with me. 

July was probably the most difficult month of this year so far. I was still no closer to surgery, we unexpectedly lost a close family member and my beloved fourteen year old pet Duke passed away. With so many hardships, it was hard to try and stay positive but I reminded myself of the plan I set out for the month. 

This doesn't have to be a complicated plan with any real goals, the idea of the mood board is to outline the outcome you would like to see achieved over the next few weeks.  

For the month of August, my goal is PLANNING. 

Planning because I FINALLY received my surgery date!!!! Yay!! For those unfamiliar with my surgery story, basically I have been waiting almost two years to have surgery on my right foot. You can read more about my condition here

My mood board reflects all of the things I aspire to achieve for the month ahead. 

This month I started with "Hello August" because I don't think I've ever been happier to welcome in a month. 

When I think of August I think of warm oranges and pinks, I have really been enjoying flower arranging lately and I just loved the contrasting bright orange and pink arrangement of the picture above. I also chose the rose for this months image, because although it does generally symbolise love, to me it also symbolises layers of new beauty yet to be revealed. Orange roses also symbolise gratitude and enthusiasm. In my case, gratitude for the wonderful and supportive family and friends I have been blessed with and enthusiasm for my recovery.

Next I chose the image of holding hands. The one thing my husband and I always do, no matter what the circumstances is hold each others hand. Holding hands is somewhat of a comfort to us, it's our way of reminding each other how much we love each other without having to say it. This month also marks ten years since myself and Shane started dating. 

Good things come to those who wait. I felt less drawn towards any kind of victory images this month, because although I have successfully locked in a surgery date, my journey to recovery is really only just beginning. I felt this quote was much more appropriate given how long I have been waiting to get my date. Good things certainly do happen, if you just have patience and faith (and pixie dust always comes in handy ;) )

This months nature images symbolise my eagerness to explore nature again. I cannot wait for our beach walks and mountain hikes. I cannot wait to sit with my hubby and watch the sun set at the end of a day of hiking. The daffodil seeds symbolise all of my hopes and ambitions post surgery.

Finally, we come to planning. I love being organised, planning posts and keeping track of paperwork. Planning is vital to me and given the month in it, I need to remind myself to plan ahead, to be prepared and to have plenty of things ready to do during my recovery. 

So that's it for this months mood board, what is your goal for the month of August? Let me know in the comments section.
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