5 August 2015

Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner | Review

I love eyeliner! Love Love Love!

I've tried out a variety of different eyeliner products over the years. I try to change up the range I use every so often, just to get a feel for the different ones out there but my go to eyeliner for creating the perfect cat eye for at least the past couple of years has been Collection's Xtreme Felt Liner in Black.

My previous favourite eye liner.
Lately, I have been having a lot of trouble with this product though. I'm not sure if they have changed the formula or I am doing something wrong, but it just doesn't seem to have the staying power or ease of use as it used to. I also find that each time I apply it there is always a gap between my lashes and upper lash line .. which is incredibly noticeable. Whatever the reason, I decided I needed a change as it just doesn't seem to stay put for me anymore.

Heading back to the Collection stand I decided maybe I should go for a gel eyeliner to achieve my signature thick black cat eye. That is when I came across Collection Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner.


The eyeliner is packaged inside a small card box. Nothing too fancy. Printed on the bottom is a quick tutorial on how they recommend you apply the product.

The product itself is packaged in a small screw top glass pot, much like many other gel liners you can buy.

What you get:
You get 4g of product in this pot but trust me when I say a little goes a long way! You also get a teeny tiny eyeliner brush, which I have no intention of using myself but is a cute addition nonetheless.

Swatch Test:
When I first swatched this product I was amazed at how smooth it applied and also how fast it seemed to dry. Unlike other gel eyeliners I have used in the past, it took considerable force to get the swatch to smudge merely seconds after application, so this perhaps isn't the best eyeliner for creating a smokey smudgy eye makeup. I also washed my hands thoroughly and although it had faded (barely might I add) the product was still intact with the added bonus of no flaking.

Formula & Application:
It is an incredibly moisturising liner, as I said above it does not flake, applies beautifully and is quite easy to manipulate. I apply it with my Sigma E65 angle brush.

Tip: Make sure you clean your brush between applications as gel eyeliner will dry hard each time.

Longevity wise this product really does last all day. I haven't noticed it sliding as much as other liners I have used in the past. The only real issue I have had with it has been when I have worn it with just a lid primer and no eyeshadow - when I have noticed that it does transfer slightly above my crease area.

With normal eyeshadow application however I did not have this problem and I have had perfect eye liner from morning to night with minimal issues.

I have seen a lot of reviews saying this product was impossible to remove. I use Tesco's Pro Formula face wipes for dry skin, and I had no issues removing the eye liner with them. You could also use an oil based eye makeup remover to break down the product as much as possible before cleaning your face.

Sorry for the poor quality, but this is what the eye liner looks like on <3 I love it!

I cannot find the listing for this product on the Boots website, it seems to be missing for some reason, but I am 90% sure I payed around €6.50 for it.

I would definitely recommend this eye liner for anyone who enjoys creating cat eye makeup, or just wants to add a really great gel liner to their collection. I have worn this pretty much every day for the past week, and I am very happy with the longevity and ease of use. It actually applies much better and creates a much nicer shaped cat eye than my previous choice of eyeliner.

So far I am enjoying using this product and will absolutely be repurchasing, especially at such a great price.

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