14 August 2015

Marzia's Box July Edition | Unboxing & DIY Peter Pan Collar

This week my first Marzia's Box arrived in the mail and I was so excited to have a peek at the goodies inside.

Marzia's Box started as a block 6 month subscription by Reelstyle, but after missing out on the June box, I decided I would opt for the rolling subscription which worked out before currency conversion at $20 a month. What I did not expect was the additional $9.95 shipping cost on top of that price bringing this subscription box just short of a whopping €30 a month. 

That said, shipping was by courier and arrived with UPS less than a week after it was shipped. 

First off, for those of you not familiar with her - Marzia's Box was inspired by and contains handpicked items from Marzia Bisognin, also known by her alias CutiePieMarzia on Youtube. Marzia is girlfriend of Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie), and started her own channel quite some time ago to share her passion for fashion, beauty, cutesy kawaii and horror with her Marzipans (Marzia Fans). She is adorable, and I am a big fan of not only her style, but her personality and her editing. 

When I seen that she had released a subscription box, I was eager (as a Marzipan) to grab a box and have my own "Marzia merch". 

Despite the price I was very happy with the July Edition which was themed Rad and Retro. While I do feel that this box was more "Vintage" than "Retro" inspired, I do think that this would make a great gift for any Marzipans out there. 

So let's have a look at what came in Marzia's Box July Edition.

As I mentioned this month was the "Rad and Retro" box. The outer box is a simple cardboard box printed with what reminds me of a very  60's style print. I'm assuming thats where the "retro" theming came in.

As we open the box our products were wrapped in pink crepe paper and secured closed with a super cute Pugachan sticker. Pugachan is in reference to Marzia and Felix's pug "Puga".

Inside the wrapping we received five items as well as some little notes from Marzia.

The first item I looked at was this cute Pugachan lip balm. Most people I seen who did the unboxing said they received cherry lip balms but I received a blue raspberry one, which was fine. It smelled wonderful and was super moisturising. It's now comfortably part of my beauty clutch in my handbag.

The second item was this gorgeous deck of playing cards which I was really excited to receive. Marzia designed and drew the Pugachan in a pocket design on the back of the card which I thought was a really sweet touch.

The third items were two pairs of gorgeous lashes.

The first pair is this beautiful whispy natural look lashes. What I love most about these is the super thin lash band.

The second pair look like a lower lash pair, perfect for creating big 60's style doll eyes.

The fourth item was a beautiful flower crown made out of foam flowers and decorated with little purple berries. I love flower crowns so I was really happy with this. A major plus is that it is very delicate and small - so it could be worn with everyday outfits easily without looking to gaudy or OTT.

The fifth and final item was a DIY project. Marzia's Box contains one DIY project each month and I was so excited I picked this month to get the box because we received the basic supplies and instructions for our very own Peter Pan collar.

I followed the basic instruction and then added some lace and pearls to my design to make it my own.

If you would like to see my full video opening and having a closer look at this months box you can watch it here:

I also filmed the process of creating my DIY Peter Pan collar, so if you would like to know how to make that for yourself you can find that here:

So that's it for this months box. Some quick reflections on my thoughts overall.

- One of a kind unique and very cute Marzia themed items
- A monthly gift to look forward to
- A fun DIY project to work on
- Inspiration based on the theme for outfits etc. 

- Price 
Much of Marzia's demographic are teenage girls who may not be in a position to be able to afford and enjoy these boxes. I did notice the box subscription seems to be at $18 on the site at the moment (as of posting this blog), so the pricing does seem to be something that is being negotiated. 

- Lack of information
Most beauty boxes contain an information card which tell you what is in the box, ingredients, estimated retail and most importantly WHY the items were chosen. At the end of the day the estimated retail doesn't bother me too much but I would love to know WHY items were selected and in what context they relate to the theming. I personally feel like this makes the box much more personal and meaningful and in that case worth the price.

You can find out more about Marzia's Box on the Reelstyle website by clicking here.

Do you have any box subscriptions? Do you enjoy receiving them and think they are worth the price? Let me know in the comments.
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*This is not a sponsored post. I am not affliated with any of the companies named and all opinions are my own

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