10 August 2015

Our Causes | Bands for Arms

Today I thought I would do something a little different and talk about a cause that it very close to my heart. For quite some time now, my husband and I have been massive supporters of an organisation called Bands for Arms. 

We first came across Bands for Arms in late 2013, when one of my Disney friends (yes that's a real thing) shared some posts about Disney inspired bracelets made from old donated military uniforms. We were instantly interested in finding out more!

My husband has a great amount of respect for and admires the military, in particular the U.S Military. When he found out there was a way to not only donate to non-profit military organisations, but also show his support through the wearing of a one of a kind handmade bracelet, he didn't need much more convincing. 

We jumped at  purchasing our first Bands for Arms - The Crutchfield Bracelet and The Lone Survivor Bracelet. We were so excited to receive them but had little to no idea of the impact receiving these bracelets would have on us. 

Our first Bands for Arms bracelets - The Crutchfield and The Lone Survivor
Each bracelet is designed and handmade by Bands for Arms owner Nick Mendoza III and his talented and dedicated volunteer team many of which, including Nick are active duty service men and women. 

When you hold each bracelet you can do nothing but admire not just the time, effort and dedication that went into each one but also the fact that these bracelets are made from old donated uniforms, of which the story of the owner is included. You are in a sense carrying that persons legacy with you by wearing a band made using the uniform they once wore. It is an incredibly emotive feeling. 

Each time you purchase a bracelet from Bands for Arms a portion of the proceeds raised from bracelet sales are donated to non-profit military organisations. Bands for Arms periodically updates it's Facebook page with information about these donations, the non-profits who have benefitted as well as new and upcoming bracelets designs and dedications. 

My husband Shane felt incredibly blessed over Easter to be selected as one of four Bands for Arms supporters to receive their own design in the store.

The store contains literally over a thousand bracelet designs, each one with a special meaning or symbolism. The variety ranges from velcro strap closure bands to beautiful ornate beaded bracelets. There is literally something for everyone. We are slowly working our way to quite a collection ourselves, and that is made even better in the knowledge that we are contributing even something small to a cause that's making a real difference in the lives of veterans and service people alike.

Some of our current Bands for Arms collection
If you would like to know more about Bands for Arms you can do so by visiting their website or their Facebook page
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*This is not a sponsored post. I am not associated with Bands for Arms or their affiliates

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