6 August 2015

Prosthetic Wound Haul | Special FX Makeup

A few months ago I came across a great Irish website called FaceFXMakeupSupplies.ie. I was super excited to see an Irish website offering so much in the way of Special FX makeup and of course I was even more excited to see that they stocked the holy grail of SFX makeup supplies - Skin Illustrator palettes. 

I had put the site at the back of my mind for most of the year as I began to prepare myself for surgery, and only thought about it again last week when I logged in to have a look at their prosthetic range. I was devastated to learn that the whole site was in clearance and FaceFX headquarters in Wicklow was due to close its doors. No more Skin Illustrator palettes, no more prospects of attending some work shops when I have my surgery over with. That was until I logged onto their Facebook page and seen that they have been saved, and are due to restock soon. 

With that panic out of the way, I returned to browsing what was left on their website and found a few prosthetic applications that caught my eye. 

I normally make my own prosthetics using a mix of gelatine and glycerin. Sadly, I do not have the space to create a bust or pour plaster moulds, so most of my prosthetics are made by eye and building up the material after each layer has dried or is tacky enough to be pliable. Because of this, I cannot create some of the wonderful textures that can be seen in some of the prosthetics that I picked up. 

These are just a few of the prosthetic applications I created for last halloween:

While these prosthetics worked out fine, I also needed to invest in a proper professional adhesive kit. Sadly, I could not find the full size one on FaceFX, so I settled for the smaller size one for the moment. Before I had relied on liquid latex as my adhesive and used warmed witch hazel to blend out the gelatine edges. In theory it worked fine, but the smell of the latex can be very overpowering and after time the prosthetic would start to break down and peel away from the skin. 

The kit I got is fantastic! I had no issues sticking down, removing or blending out my prosthetic! I cannot wait to get the full size versions when they come back in stock!

Moving on to look at some of the prosthetics I picked up. 

First I grabbed the Casualty Wound Simulation kit. This kit came with 5 prosthetics and the adhesive set above all for the sale price of €30.  The prosthetics included a cut throat, cut wrist, large cut, torn flesh and a bullet wound. The adhesive kit that came with this pack included 15ml of Special FX Blood, 15ml of Prosthetic Adhesive, 15ml pf Adhesive Remover and 15ml of Gelatine Blender.

I also picked up a slashed eye, shrapnel wound and a shredded nose tip.

For all of the prosthetics and shipping we payed €67 at sale price. The majority of the pieces I received came from Buy and Apply or Nimba Creations, meaning that most of the prosthetics are hand made and movie quality. I tested out the shredded nose tip tonight and was very happy with the results.


I could not get a decent photograph of the shredded nose tip unpainted, so this is how the piece looked after use.

I was very happy with how the piece turned out considering I do not own alcohol based makeup. To colour the prosthetic, I used my Coastal Scents Eclipse concealer palette for the flesh tones and Kryolan Aquacolour paints. I did this after I had applied the prosthetic to my husband as water based makeup can smudge very easily. 

If you would like me to do a blog post on the application process for this prosthetic let me know in the comment section. I will have a video coming to my Youtube channel by the end of this week showing the whole process from application to removal.
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*This is not a sponsored post. I am not associated with FaceFXMakeupSupplies or their affiliates. 

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