7 August 2015

Shredded Nose Tip | Special FX Makeup

This post contains images of simulated wounds created using makeup. Due to the graphic nature of these prosthetic pieces, viewer discretion is advised.

I did a haul post the other day to show some of the prosthetic applications I recently picked up. The first one I decided to try out was the shredded nose tip.

My husband was good enough to sit through the application and colouring process for me.

We started with a clean dry face. 

Next we applied some of the prosthetic adhesive to the back of the piece and to the skin, starting at the centre. I then applied the piece firmly to the centre of his nose, pressing gently until the piece was stuck down. I then went in with more adhesive on the back of the piece and on the skin until all of the piece was securely fixed down.

We had some problems getting the piece to stick under his nose area. I put this down to condensation from his breathing and his moustache. I really didn't want to get much of the adhesive stuck in his hair, so we manipulated the piece as much as we could before deciding we would paint up the unstuck piece as "hanging flesh".

Once the piece was stuck down, I then grabbed the gelatine blender and using a q-tip I began to soften out the edges of the gelatine until it had dissolved and blended with his skin. 

Once that was done I was ready to paint the piece. 

I started with the flesh tones, which I created using my Coastal Scents Eclipse concealer palette. This is called a concealer palette but it essentially a mini foundation palette. I was able to mix a combination of colours to match his skin tone and the piece blended into his natural skin seamlessly.

For the muscle and torn flesh, I started with a light pink wash of water based makeup from Kryolan's Aquacolour palette. Once that was dry I went over it with a wash of the dark red shade also from the Aquacolour palette.

The bone in the nose was achieved by mixing my white and yellow paints together.

Next I went in with my Snazaroo Cake Blood and began to deepen the outer areas of flesh to distinguish between the skin tears and the muscles.

I also took a textured sponge and dabbed some of the cake blood around the nose to make it look like he had been pressing tissue against it to control the bleeding.

I finished everything off with the amazing 15ml Blood I got in my casualty simulation kit. This blood was so easy to apply and remove and also looked super realistic. We added a few dots to a tissue for some more photo shots and voila.

I do have video footage of the process, which I will link here once editing is complete. My computer hard drive is completely full so we are having lots of fun moving files around at the minutes. Pop back over the weekend if you would like to see the full application and colour process from start to finish :)  
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