26 August 2015

The Ultimate Debs Guide | FREE eBook

I always get a bunch of questions in my inbox from upcoming debutantes about how they can go about achieving the perfect style for their day.

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Now most of you might be asking - what is a Debs? Well a Debs or Debs Ball is the Irish equivalent of a Prom. We generally celebrate our "Debs" as we end our final year of secondary or high school. Generally Irish Debs ball's are held at the end of the summer before everyone moves on to study at college level. It is in a way our final goodbye to our school years before we move on to bigger and better things. 

While most girls will enjoy the simply intended grand total of one debs ball, some have had the opportunity to attend several, and so the search for the perfect dress and accessories can become quite a daunting task.

I myself attended three debs balls before I left school. My first was by invitation from a really lovely friend of mine. Since it was my first debs and I loved the whole "Princess" idea, I decided I wanted something quite traditional. The only problem I had was I simply did not have the money to spend at the time. So I hired my first dress from a local dress maker. 

My first debs dress was a hunter green colour and comprised of two parts, a floral embroidered bodice and a satin-eque floor length skirt. While I did really love the dress, I didn't feel it was me exactly and so I ended up being pretty uncomfortable with myself for most of the night. I had asked a friend to do my hair, which in hindsight was probably a bad idea. She threw it up messily into a very 90's style spikey bun. I wasn't really interested in makeup at the time so makeup was pretty minimal and well, to be quite honest terrible.

Very bad picture, I will try find a better one soon and update it. But you can see the general idea.
By my second debs (which was my Deb's Ball), I was a little more confident in what I wanted. I had recently started dating my now husband, and didn't feel pressured into being someone I wasn't. I approached debs dress shopping quite late, and didn't really have anything specific in mind. I came across a beautiful floor length Grecian but also slightly 1920's style gown in a store called Monsoon and was so delighted with it. Normally I would choose bright and bold colours, but for this debs I wanted to go for something a bit more classic - so I chose black. I paired my dress with black elbow length gloves, a long black shawl which I wore across my neck backwards so it would cascade down the back of the dress and accessorised with handmade pieces a friend had made me. I kept my makeup minimal but a little bit more "put together" then my first debs and kept my hair straight and simple, pushed back with a handmade beaded head band also made by a very talented friend of mine. 

My third and final Debs outing was for Shane's Deb's Ball. Again I felt the pressure of looking for the perfect dress, but this time around I now had a job and steady income so I thought to myself, why look for it when I can make it? And so I got to work, designing a dress similar to the one worn by Kate Beckinsale in the movie Van Helsing. I was (and continue to be) a massive movie buff! I love movie makeup and costuming and I was obsessed with Kate's dress in this movie at the time. I found a local dress maker who was willing to work with my design and try create the dress of my dreams. After consulting and getting measurements, I purchased almost €70 worth of fabric and left it with my fairy godmother to work her magic on. After a few short weeks, I went to see my dress for the first time and .... I was horrified. My dressmaker had not listened to any of the things I wanted done with the dress. She had promised me something exactly like the picture, but then delivered a completely different dress. The dress was beautiful but sadly nothing like what I had imagined it would be. The skirt wasn't as full as I wanted, the bodice was the wrong shape and she created very unusual shapes for the sleeve area. When I brought my issues up with her, she simply said she could not have created an exact replica. While I understand that not everyone can make a dress exactly the same, I was still a little disappointed and angry that she had not even attempted to contact me about the changes. My dress looked nothing like the Kate Beckinsale dress, but exhausted from worry and nearing my debs date, I took it home and made the best of a bad situation. This dress cost me the most out of all my debs dresses to date both in monetary value and in stress. 

The "Van Helsing" dress I wanted for Shane's Debs
My "Custom Made" Dress
The sleeves on my dress were so awkward and not in any way "bunched" like the picture I had given the dress maker. I ended up pulling them down off my shoulder to take away from the 80's vibe my dress was giving off. I will admit it wasn't the worst, but it also wasn't what I had asked for either. Ever the optimist I made the best of the situation. I did my hair myself, which looking back now looks awful to me, and again opted for light natural looking makeup.

I don't intend on ending this post negatively and guess what I am trying to say by sharing my Debs story, is don't be afraid to be yourself. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and go for something that is unique and fun. By sharing my experience of hiring, buying and making I hope you can see that in any circumstance there can always be issues. Looking back now I wish I had spent a little  more time researching and planning my Debs, if only to be more comfortable with myself. My favourite dress of all three was my black dress. The dress I chose last minute and felt most comfortable in. When I had my debs there was no Youtube, no online social community where girls and women alike could discuss debs styles and utilise fantastic DIY tutorials. The internet is a vast and amazing place if you know where to look. 

As well as fully encouraging you to search online and find ideas I am also delighted to be able to share with you today the Ultimate Guide for a Perfect & Unforgettable Debs. A fantastic and insightful FREE eBook by Fanny Crown Paris. 

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For makeup tips and advice as well as a tutorial using some fantastic and affordable drug store products you can also check out some of my makeup tutorials below :)

Thank you so much for checking out today's post, and I hope you have a wonderful and safe Debs night! 
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* This is not a sponsored post. I was approached by a representative of Fanny Crown Paris regarding the eBook and it's interest to my readers. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. 

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