29 August 2015

We've been Longlisted!! | Blog Awards Ireland

I was so delighted to receive an e-mail from the hosts of this years Blog Awards Ireland the other day, to let me know that my little blog has made it through to the longlist nominations in not just one but two categories!

I cannot thank you enough for not only putting my blog forward for nomination but also for all the support and encouragement you all have been sending me in regards to my blog over the past year!

My blog was nominated and made it through to the shortlist last year, and I will admit I was completely unprepared and surprised to see it make it even to the nomination round. My blog was still very raw and impersonal last year, I mainly used it to share further details about videos I was posting on my Youtube channel and didn't really have any clear cut plan for what I wanted from it.

I feel that being nominated last year, really drew my attention to the capabilities of blogging. Before then I had little to no experience with reading other peoples blogs let alone writing my own. As a result of being nominated I was suddenly immersed into the Irish blogging community, interacting with fellow bloggers on Facebook and reading blog after blog through the social app Bloglovin'. I was hooked. As much as I enjoy creating Youtube videos, with my ongoing limited mobility I suddenly found blogging as a way for me to be much more expressive without having to leave the comfort of my couch. 

I love how dynamic the blogging community is and I feel I have worked very hard over this past year to build a much more personal and interactive blog space, where I hope people can come and enjoy reading and sharing in my experiences. 

So thank you so much to everyone who nominated me or put my name forward for the years Blog Awards and best of luck to all my fellow nominees. 

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