24 September 2015

Autumn Essentials | DIY Printed Cushion Cover

Today Autumn Essentials is another fun and easy DIY project.

My inspiration for my home decor this year actually came from this image on Pinterest >

To find the original image and pin it for yourself click here

I had some Fraser Hunting Tartan which I picked up from Spoonflower out of my pure obsession with Outlander a few months ago, and had yet to use it for a project, so on seeing this image I decided it would make perfect cushion covers for my living room. 

I have a video on my channel if you would like to learn how you can make your own envelope cushion covers.

After making my tartan cushion covers, I decided I would love to create a seasonal accent cushion cover like the one I found on Pinterest. If you would like to see how I did, and learn how to create you own, keep on reading ... 



To create our template we started by messing around with various fonts in Photoshop. We decided to keep the same font for the words "let's" and "in love" and went with a slightly more calligraphic font for the work "fall".

Next we chose a maple leaf shape that we like and also imported this into the image using Photoshop.

We sized our lettering to fill an A4 page.


  • I started by taping my A4 design to the matte side of my freezer paper. You can of course trace your design onto your freezer paper if you like, I chose not to as as I have several cushions to get done, and really didn't have the patience!
  • Using an exacto knife, carefully cut out your design. 
    • Make sure if you are doing wording like us, to keep the centre part of the letters, as you will need to include these before you iron your sheet down. 
  • Once you have everything cut out, you can now take your paper and cushion to your ironing board. 
    • Select the cotton setting, and make sure your steam feature is turned off.
    • With the shiny side of the freezer paper facing down carefully begin to iron your design to your cushion cover. The freezer paper will stick to the cover. 
    • Make sure you pay careful attention to the gaps you will be painting as there needs to be a good seal around the paper in order to prevent your paint from bleeding. 
    • Place the centres of the letters you cut out down - and press into place with your iron. 
    • Don't overheat the paper as it will be more difficult to remove. (It will start to crinkle if it's too hot)
  • Now we were ready to apply our fabric paint. I used Pebeo Setacolour Fabric Paint in White and synthetic brushes. To get an application similar to the original Pinterest image I would recommend a sponge, however I had none to hand at the time. 
    • Before you apply your paint, I suggest placing a piece of cardboard inside your cushion / behind your fabric as the wet paint will transfer through certain fabrics. 
    • Paint in your stencil, dabbing the paint as opposed to using strokes as you may break the seal of the freezer paper if you over apply your paint or rub your stencil.
  • Once you are happy that all of your stencil is filled in - remove the freezer paper straight away! The longer you leave the freezer paper on, the harder it will be to remove!
  • Allow to dry overnight. The instructions for the particular paint I used said it would be dry within an hour, but I prefer to leave these projects over night just in case. 
  • Finally seal you paint by turning your cushion cover inside out. Place an old fabric inside the cushion to prevent transfer, and iron your design on the reverse side for at least five minutes to seal the paint. 

I haven't tested this design in the washing machine yet, but it should be okay to wash at 40ÂșC according to the packaging instructions. I will pop back and update here when I have tested it to let you guy know!

That's it! Simple as that! This project all in all took me approximately 4-5 hours to complete in between stencil design, cutting and dry times. I know it seems like a lot of work, but I am really happy with the results. I think it's a really nice project particularly if you would like to create a really custom and personal gift for someone. 

How do you think we did? Have you ever tried creating your own stencils before? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. I've been wanting to do one of those Longitude/Latitude "Our First Home" coordinates pillows in my map themed living room, this will be so helpful once I finally get around to it! Thanks Amy! :)