8 September 2015

DIY Candle Holder | Autumn Hedgerow

Since I've been pretty much housebound going on three weeks now, I have been trawling the Internet (and by Internet I mean Pinterest) looking for some Autumnal home decor inspiration. 

Among several little projects I have lined up, I really wanted to create a beautiful candle centrepiece that would be perfect for the season. 

Candles are a staple in my house, especially scented candles, so we have no shortage of old glass jars at our disposal. I came across some really cute "twig" tied candle jars on Pinterest and since we live next to a forest, my husband was able to grab me some scrap twigs and branches so we could try to recreate some of these beautiful candle holders for ourselves. 

If you would like to see how you can create your own Autumn inspired candle holder, keep reading.

You will need: 
  • Candles (I used tea lights)
  • Glass Jars
  • Scissors
  • Cutters
  • Assorted sizes of branches and twigs
  • Hot glue gun


  • Start by choosing which branches / twigs you would like to use and begin to snap them leaving two to three inches of space above your jar height.


  • Starting with your thickest pieces, apply a line of hot glue along your jar and press your twig firmly on top.
  • Try to keep the twigs as even as possible along the bottom of the jar.


  • Repeat this process around the jar, selecting pieces of varying width. 
The glue may not hold your twigs securely, but we will be adding some twine around the centre, so don't worry too much if pieces become loosened.


  • Tie a piece of string around the centre of your jar leaving long pieces of string on the tail.
  • Layer the string as many times as you would like (I did three wrap arounds) and secure in a knot.
  • Using thin pieces of your sticks, slot them in around your jar to fill out the spaces. I still wanted to see the jar underneath in order for the holder to project a branch effect on the wall when lit up. 


  • VERY CAREFULLY use your cutters to trim the excess length from the top of your twigs until all sizes are pretty much level. I left about an inch of length above the height of the jar for my twigs. 
It is best to make sure your twigs are really dry before you use them for this project . 
Dry sticks are easier to snap for this step.



  • You can leave as is, tie your string in a bow and trim the excess length from the tail - but my Mam actually found me this beautiful hedgehog felt trim in Lidl today and I couldn't resist using it for my project!

  • I simply glued my little felt hedgehog trim around the base of my candle holder, popped my candle in and I was done!

My hubby decided he wasn't a fan of the bow, so we removed it and left the twine knotted. 

We placed our candle holder on our candle plate which was filled with grey shale type mirror shards from Ikea. I also placed some acorns I picked up at a local craft fair last Christmas on the plate.

It looks even better at night time, you can really see those branches reflecting onto the wall behind our little display.

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  1. So cute! I'm going to have to try this! I started lighting up my autumn scented candles this week finally! Haha. I'm glad we can be #falladdicts together.

    1. Yay!!! So did we!! Obsessed! lol I'm almost finished knitting my blanket .. so it should be ready by next fall at this rate! Haha! You should totally post some pics of your decor on your blog when you're all done <3