9 September 2015

Marzia Box | Back to School Edition

Today's unboxing is another Marzia Box. Last month I unboxed and did a video DIY Peter Pan collar tutorial for Marzia's "Rad and Retro" themed box which can you see here.

This months box theme was "Back to School". I had actually planned on cancelling my subscription because as I mentioned previously this box comes in at almost €30 including shipping, and as such is pretty expensive as far as subscription boxes go. I have since cancelled my subscription, but after accidentally paying for an receiving this months box, I still wanted to go ahead and share a peek inside with you!

This months goodies arrive in a card box again, this time themed with coloured pencils and a green chalkboard design. 

Marzia Box $20 not including P&P $9.95

This months notes were a sneak peek at the concept designs for Marzia's fall collection and a "Back to School Supply List" which I found quite interesting as they included estimated valuations for each of the items inside the box. This was something I had mentioned in my last Marzia Box Unboxing so I was happy to see that they had taken the suggestions on board, and included this. I do however feel the valuations were a little high for some of the items - but I will let you guys make up your own mind as we go through the box together. 

The first item I picked out was this pink post it note pad. Marzia again came up with a cute design to compliment the theming of the box which this month was a floral encircled lightbulb. There is approximately 30 sheets on this pad, and I use these things all the time so it will definitely get some use in my house. 

Post-it Notes - Valued at $2

Next we have a sheet of Marzia themed stickers and a button with the same design as the post-it notes. I don't really see myself using these but the stickers would make a cute addition to a school planner or diary and of course the button on a backpack.

Stickers & Button - Valued at $5

Next we were given two pieces of embroidery thread along with two cute pug charms. These were this months "DIY" item. 

I thought it was a cute addition to have a DIY friendship bracelet as part of the back to school box, but I had a slight issue with the fact that they simply included two lengths of thread for this project. I would have loved to have seen several lengths in a variety of colours and instructions on creating a sliding braided friendship bracelet. 

DIY Friendship Bracelets - Valued at $10 each! - Total Value $20

I do really love the charms though. 

The fourth item this month was a notebook. Again Marzia's design for the month is printed on the front. Although the cover is printed with 2015 - 2016 - it is not a diary. It is simply a lined copybook of sorts. Again, this is something I use a lot for jotting down ideas so it will get some use. 

Notebook - Valued at $15

Finally, I left my favourite items for last! We were sent an over sized canvas material pencil case and three washable markers. This essentially could be considered as a DIY I suppose as the concept behind the pencil case was that you can draw on it again and again after washing it.

Markers & Pencil Case - Valued at $9

Naturally I couldn't wait to start doodling and I went online to find some cute Paisley inspired designs. I was super disappointed on using the markers however, because as soon as they touched the pencil case they bled out into the fabric very badly. I know this case is intended for school and for friends to write on it, but I was pretty sad that my design had bled so badly, and ended up outlining my design using sharpies. 

Regardless of that, I really love this pencil case. It is huge for a start! The markers did not transfer to the inside when drawing and it is the perfect size for storing all of my sharpies.

Total estimated value of items in this months box: $51

I don't want to come across as overly sceptical or negative, but I can't pretend that my brows weren't a little raised when reading some of the valuations in this months box. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that everything in this box is tailored to Marzia as a brand and therefore cannot simply be bought anywhere else, but I do feel like estimating a value of $20 in particular for two pieces of embroidery thread and two charms is a little ridiculous! I have an abundance of charms and frequently shop on Etsy and I can tell you it would cost less than €1 to make a similar item. The charm is simply a pug face, it doesn't say Marzia anywhere on it and it isn't her logo so it isn't by any means a unique charm in that regard. 

I love Marzia, I love her brand but I pride myself on giving honest and unbiased reviews and I simply cannot pretend that I wasn't a little disappointed with this months box. Last months felt so personal and unique, while this months comes across as a little more hastily put together. 

My favourite item was the pencil case because I know it is something I will get the most use out of. While I was happy to see they included them this month, I was disappointed by the valuations, in particular putting a value on something such as stickers which could be a cute seasonal regular addition to the box otherwise. 

As I mentioned above I have since cancelled my Marzia Box subscription for personal financial reasons, and although I was disappointed with this months box, I was happy to get them. 

If this is something that will be done annually I may just subscribe again. 

Are you subscribed to Marzia Box? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.
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