1 September 2015

September Inspiration - Recovery | Mood Board

My theme for this months Mood Board is RECOVERY.

September is one of my favourite months of the year. Not just because it is my birthday month, but because for me it really begins to feel like autumn. There is nothing I love more than being cuddled up by a warm fire, sipping on an aromatic coffee or hot chocolate bundled in slipper socks and cosy sweaters. 

This September holds new excitement for me though as I begin my journey to recovery following my surgery just under two weeks ago.  I have been laid up since my surgery while my foot heals, and it has given me a lot of time to think about things I want to change in my life. I know that may seem pretty pessimistic, but I feel it is rather optimistic of me to begin to set myself goals and dreams. I feel like by setting myself manageable and realistic achievements, I will ease an otherwise frustratingly slow recovery period, as I wait to see how successful my surgery was and eventually to learn how to walk properly again. 

My first pin on my board, welcoming September. I found a perfect image of everything I love about fall for this one. Cosy blankets, my books and a cup of tea.

Second I have my first note. This one talks about recovery and will remind me that it takes time, to have patience, trust in myself and trust in my wonderful surgical team. 

Next row and first image, I have included a cutesy image of a planner. I am really anxious to start keeping one of these. They are becoming increasingly popular, and I have always kept a diary in my handbag although I will say the appeal of mentally sitting and arranging a planner appeals to me much more now than it has ever done. I have already been browsing Amazon looking for some cute ideas. A good Youtube friend of mine Sonia (SweetBlyss) actually did a really cute video on how she organises her personal planner, and I hope she won't mind me including the link for that video here. It definitely inspired me to pick up and start working on my planner very soon. Make sure to stop by and check her channel out too! She has a wonderful variety of videos including makeup, adorable craft tutorials and hauls.

Moving on to my next image. I seem to always include an image of candles, I think it's mainly because they are so versatile. We don't really have a specific time of the year for burning candles and scented waxes in our home, we kind of do it all year round. I suppose we match the scents we choose to the time of year. Candles are absolutely one of my favourite home decor items, and I loved this image with the beautiful pink blossom type flower. It really reminded me of an image you would associate with a spa and I suppose in a way I was thinking along the lines of "pampering" myself over these next few weeks. Taking care of myself, healing and generally doing things that will not only help pass the time but help to make me feel much more revitalised. 

The image with the book and cable knit blanket is my favourite image from the mood board this month. This image pretty much sums up everything I really love. I adore being comfortable and cosy and I have several blankets around my house that I cannot sit without, whatever the season. While I love these blankets, I recently picked up some beautiful Aran wool and a simple pattern, so I will actually be trying to hand knit my own beautiful cable blanket in the coming weeks. I am absolutely obsessed with Aran style cable knit pieces and I thought an off cream throw would go beautiful with our lilac plaid throw in our living room. I suppose I included this image not just out of my love for comfort, and the fact I associate that with the shortening fall days, but also to remind me not to distract from my goal of knitting my first blanket. I have a very bad habit of starting projects, and leaving them to one side for months on end. 

The flower with the sparkling fairy lights is probably something you will notice has been in almost all of my mood boards. Again, I believe I chose that specific image for September because there is a very fall feeling about the dim lit background of the image. I love twinkling fairy lights but I feel weird using them through summer. Now that it's Autumn I cannot wait to start decorating my house properly and adding a touch of sparkle here and there. There is something wonderfully warm and comforting about a candlelit room with a hint of twinkling lights during and Irish fall season.

Finally a quote to give me courage and strength to face the next few weeks. I always seem to look to CS Lewis for inspiration lately. He has so many quotes that resonate with me beyond belief. 

'Hardships often prepare ordinary people, for an extraordinary destiny' 
-CS Lewis

As I mentioned above, I've been thinking a lot about things that have happened in my life this past year and a half. I have been presented with so many amazing opportunities that I unfortunately could not accept due to my condition. I have lost what I believe were best friends and gained even better ones along the way. I have realised after years and years of tending to other peoples needs and wishes that it's okay to take a step back and be selfish once in a while. I have been doing a lot of self - examination lately. I feel like my mindset since finally having my surgery has completely changed and the things I want to achieve, while they may seem simple, are much more realistic and satisfying. 

So what about you? What are your goals or achievements for the month of September? Have you started your own mood board or what do you do to help you stay motivated? Let me know in the comment section.
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